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St Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer.jpg"True shepherds, after my own heart,
I'll give you," says the Lord, "Who'll feed your souls on knowledge and
Sound teaching of my word."

Thus did Josemaria live, That all might know Christ's light, Within the holy work of God, And work for Him in might.

O Father, Son, and Spirit blest, Eternal Three-in-One, Your church this hymn of joy will raise, From dawn to set of sun.

The Church liturgically commemorates a significant 20th century priest and founder of a movement of laity and priests, Saint Josemaría Escrivá (1902-75). Saint Josemaría's call to holiness and friendship with the Lord ought to be an example for all people. His movement, Opus Dei, teaches us that holiness is possible through our everyday life: our work, study, family and friendships. 

J. Michael Thompson 
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Birth of St John the Baptist AGentileschi.jpg
When the Prophet Zechariah was officiating as priest within the Temple, offering up the petitions of the people to the most loving Lord, he beheld an angel who cried out to him, "Your supplication and entreaty have been heard, Be of good cheer, O Elder, and do not disbelieve! For you shall have a child, the Forerunner of God, the greatest of those born of women, who in the power of Elijah will go before the Lord!"

Don't forget to light a fire in honor of Saint John the Baptist. See the Blessing here.

Saint Norbert of Xanten

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St.Norbert MAnger.jpgFirst a Benedictine monk then a founder of an order of canons to live under the Rule of St Augustine, the Order of Premontre, the noble Norbert sought to fight heresy, to promote true devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, to dispel spiritual and human indifference and reconciliation among family.

One of the key features to Saint Norbert's spiritual life and apostolic work was his total reliance on the Lord to direct everything. He realized that his own skill set was insufficient to do much with Christ. That's why a true Norbertine vocation is lived with one's face turn toward the Eucharistic Lord and his feet and hands sustaining the Church.

Norbert was also the archbishop of Magdeburg. As archbishop, Norbert collaborated with the likes of Saints Bernard and Hugh in the reformation of the clergy and effecting ecclesial unity. Norbert died on this date in 1134.

Through Saint Norbert's inspiration and prayer may we be servants of the Church outstanding in prayer, pastoral zeal and love for the people of God.

Bl John XXIII.jpgSome of senior age will remember Pope John XXIII who reigned only 5 years but did a lot in those few years: he called the 21st Ecumenical Council, aka Vatican II. 

Good Pope John died on this date after 8 months living with stomach cancer.

Blessed Pope John XXIII, pray for us!

His mortal remains repose at the Altar of Saint Jerome in the Vatican Basilica.

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