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JH Newman2.jpgThe Holy Father recognized the 2001 healing of Deacon Jack Sullivan as a miracle by way of the Venerable Servant of God Cardinal John Henry Newman's intercession. This was the final step in the beatification process of the English cardinal; of course, the canonization process will continue to its natural end. Now the details of the beatification ceremony are pending which is likely to be England.

We rejoice with the Congregation of the Oratory and the 82 Oratorian Houses --indeed with the entire Church in the Pope's decision to beatify Newman because it gives us another authentic guide to Christ.

At the Birmingham Oratory you can read

Some of his works can be found here.
JPII in prayer.jpgYesterday morning [June 30] there was help at the Congregation for Causes of Saints the second meeting of the theological consultors tasked to examine the "Positio," that is the documents and testimonies of the cause for beatification of John Paul II. In the first meeting, about which Il Giornale has spoken, was held on 13 May. But it had an intermediate (or interlocutory... "interlocutorio") outcome, because of critical point raised not about the personal sanctity of Pope Wojtyla but about the manner in which the work was advanced and the lack of documentation.  The postulator of the cause, Msgr. Slawomir Oder, responded in writing to the objections and yesterday there was held the second and final meeting of the theologians, which had given a favorable majority opinion. Two of them maintained the initial "suspended judgment" ("sospensivo") because they though that the proofs and documents ought to have been integrated ("il quadro probatorio e documentale debba essere integrato"). This is the article that was published in today's Il Giornale. Now the "Positio" goes to the cardinal and bishop members of the Congregation, who before the end of the year will make a decision about the heroic virtue of Pope Wojtyla. Then it will fall to Pope Benedict to promulgate the decree which will bring his predecessor to beatification.

(thanks to Fr John Zuhlsdorf for the translation of Andrea Tornielli's article

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