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Wuerl2.jpgA recent interview with Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, concerning various issues relating to Anglicans seeking to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church was published the other day. Wuerl fills in some gaps in the process and hope that has been generated by Pope Benedict's motu proprio Anglicanorum Coetibus. Recall that the Pope named Wuerl and 2 other bishops to head a task force that would evaluate and offer guidance to interested Anglicans. Those Anglicans seeking communion with the Roman Church, and live in the USA, ought to write to Cardinal Wuerl. The cardinal is aided by Father Hurd, himself a former Anglican minister now an ordained Catholic priest.

The interview was published by the Catholic Standard on December 17, 2010.

On another front, an Australian newspaper believes that about 1000 members of the Church of Australia will swim the Tiber. The article really offers no new information, but it is interesting to note how focussed the liberal media is on issue of women's ordination as being the central issue for Anglicans entering the Catholic Church.

Eternal Father, we place before you the project of forming the Personal Ordinariates for Anglicans seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. We thank you for this initiative of Pope Benedict XVI, and we ask that, through the Holy Spirit, the Ordinariates may become:

Our Lady of Walsingham.jpg

families of charity, peace and the service of the poor, centres for Christian unity and reconciliation, communities that welcome and evangelize, teaching the Faith in all its fullness, celebrating the liturgy and sacraments with prayerful reverence and maintaining a distinctive patrimony of Christian faith and culture.

Drawing on that heritage we pray:

Go before us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our works, begun, continued and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally by thy mercy obtain everlasting life; though Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

V.  Our Lady of Walsingham.
R.  Pray for us as we claim your motherly care.

V.  Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus.
R.  Pray for us as we place this work under your patronage.

V.  Blessed John Henry Newman
R.  Pray that Christ's Heart may speak unto our hearts.

V.  Saints and Martyrs of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and North America.

R.  Pray for us and accompany us on our pilgrim way.

VNichols on Anglicans.jpgIncreased attention is growing in the days that lead up to the anticipated creation of an Anglican Ordinariate in England. It's hoped that the Ordinariate will be announced in early 2011. As you are aware, following the beatification of John Henry Newman 5 Anglican bishops declared that they're resigning their positions in the Church of England in favor of entering into full communion with the Church of Rome. Andrew Burnham one of the bishops seeking communion with Rome set aside his mitre and crosier at the Mary altar, saying: "It is because it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, abiding in his Church, that I believe I must accept it and invite others to come with me on the journey."

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]



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