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The events in Rome these past days have distracted some from mentioning the Bishops of England and Wales' statement on the apostolic constitution of November 4, 2009, "Anglicanorum coetibus." To date, this is the clearest statement of the UK Bishops' intention to positively respond to the Pope's generous gesture of working with Anglicans who themselves desire to respond more generously to Christ's call to discipleship and mission.

A few points from the statement:

1. "Anglicanorum coetibus" is a response of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, to the repeated and insistent requests of Anglicans requesting to be in full communion with the Catholic Church while retaining some of the Anglican patrimony;
2. In conjunction with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the UK Conference of Bishops, an ecclesial circumscription called an Ordinariate in early January 2011 will be established in Great Britain;
3. In resigning their office in the Anglican Communion on December 31, 2010, the 5 bishops will be received into the Church, and prior to Lent will be ordained to the Order of Deacon and then to the Holy Priesthood so as to assist in the services of Holy Week when other Anglicans will be received into the Church after a period of preparation;
4. At Pentecost those Anglican ministers who petitioned to be ordained Catholic priests will be ordained.

The full statement is noted here: UK Bishops statement on Anglican Ordinariate.pdf

Benedict and Rowan

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Benedcit with Rowan Nov 18 2010.jpg
The Archbishop of Canterbury visits Pope Benedict XVI today.

Williams and Dias.jpg
His Grace's meeting with His Holiness was previously scheduled to but certainly follows the extraordinary announcement of the 5 Anglican bishops desire for entering into full communion with the Church of Rome. Ostensibly Williams was in Rome to participate in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity but exact details of the discussion with the Pope are not public (yet?).

The Vatican Radio report carries more information.
maps logo.jpgYou gotta love Google Maps ... proposed parishes of the Anglican Ordinariate

Shane Schaetzel put together a map of proposed parishes that may be in a ecclesiastical jurisdiction for Anglicans entering into full communion with the Catholic Church. A lot of work went into developing this fine resource and we're grateful.
cardinals2.jpgAnna Arco's article online at the Catholic Herald (of the UK fame) reports that before the consistory of cardinals on November 20, during which the Pope will create 24 new cardinals there will be prayer, reflection and conversation about a number of things but three key topics will be the 10th anniversary of Dominus Iesus, sex abuse crisis and the Ordinariate for Anglicans who desire to enter into full communion the Catholic Church. Other issues to be discussed, but no less crucial to the life of the Church, are religious liberty and the sacred Liturgy.

Read Arco's article, "Cardinals to discuss Church reactions to sexual abuse and the Ordinariate." Don't make the connection between the two issues. There's no connection.
The Boston Globe ran a story today, "UK Catholics say 5 Anglican bishops converting," emphasing these 5 as disaffected, distressed, defectors for political reasons: homosexually inclined and female clergy. It could be, however, that these 5 desire to follow Christ in the true Church he founded, and the bishops acknowledge this fact. Of course, one never knows what the exact back story really is because the information is filtered through many layers before the print media goes to print. The statement of the five bishops can be read here and if you are interested in the Forward in Faith groups, see their website.

The bishops, and for any baptized Christian "moving" to become Catholic are said to be coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. They are not converting. This point is made briefly in the article but it seems to obscured by the author because of the particular situation. The Anglicans are Christian; they have converted to Christ; they pray the Lord's Prayer; Anglicans have a spiritual life. What they are doing by becoming Catholic is following the promptings of the Holy Spirit to live in the truth of unity with the Bishop of Rome.

The 5 Anglican bishops are: Bishops Andrew Burnham, Keith Newton, John Broadhurst, Edwin Barnes and David Silk.

My hope is that the 5 bishops "pope" but that they do so for the right reason and not because of they truly are disgruntled with Anglicanism. Rome doesn't need more disgruntled Catholics. Are they following Christ and the guided companionship of the Church or their own moral compass?

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