The Knights make me feel safe

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The emblem of the Knights of Columbus
The circumstances in Newtown, Connecticut, have raised the awareness of many with regard to human need: love, peace, fraternity, fidelity, acceptance, and safety. Sometimes we are unaware of our own human need, sometimes we are unaware of the person next to us, and sometimes we are unaware of the gifts given to us by God that are in front of us, like companionship. 

When I worked at Saint Rose of Lima Church several years ago I came into contact with several very impressive men and their families. These men were impressive because they weren't so different from me, or others that I knew, yet their regular faith, friendship and actions made difference in concrete ways. The concrete is always an expression of someone else at work: for me it is Jesus Christ.

I am proud member of the Knights of Columbus and I cherish my membership with other Knights. Why? In a recent email from the Grand Knight about the work he's calling brother Knights to do, and attending to what others need and feel for a greater good inspired me because of the one line in the letter (see below). See how important a presence can be? See how important THE Presence can be if we allow the Him to act in and through us?
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Consider this [note] from one of our Brother Knights. Many of us were organizing Monday night, but while we were organizing, some others of us were attending our Parishes Senior Youth Group. Their planned meeting had been cancelled last Sunday evening, because of a threat that ended noon mass and closed down the St Rose campus. (Mass always finishes, and it did in the rectory that day). The plan was to bring the teenagers together for a night of consoling, prayer, counseling, confession and Eucharistic Adoration. You have never met a more enthusiastic and spiritual group of young men and women, until you have met these. Meanwhile, our Knights were there to help make Monday night happen in an environment of relative chaos and fear. One young lady commented to her mother, "The Knights make me feel safe", while she reflected on how their presence reminded her of her dad, and how she just feels safer, and like everything is going to be ok when he is around. I'm sure many other young people felt the same way that night.

Tim Haas
Grand Knight 
Knights of Columbus Saint Virgilius Council 185
Saint Rose of Lima Church, Newtown, CT

This young lady recognized in brother Knights of Columbus the value and virtue of a strong, loving and faithful presence as she experiences in her father. What comes to mind is the example of Saint Martin of Tours viz. the Knights who engage with others in a dignified manner that brings others to fulfillment. Thanks be to God.

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