Haight speech about Christ muzzled

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The Church has judged that Jesuit Father Roger Haight's writings are beyond the limits of orthodox theological reflection on the nature of Christ (Christology).

Either one is a Catholic theologian teaching orthodox theology or you don't teach. The problem with Father Haight is that Church's objectivity is reduced to school yard monitor and while he is an ordained Catholic priest, Haight very rarely celebrates the Mass. AND then there is his own admission that he considers himself not a Catholic theologian but a Christian theologian. I suppose that's what you get when a Catholic priest destined to teach priesthood candidates is educated by the Baptists. The objectivity of the Faith means something: one, holy, catholic and apostolic for starters.

Once asked if he would revise his thinking/publications sentire cum Ecclesiae so that he could be missioned by the Jesuits to teach, Father Haight told two scores of Jesuit seminarians that he would not do so. I guess that is what is called by many Jesuits "loyal opposition to the Church." Of course, if you understand the Church to be a sacrament founded by Christ then saying no to the Church is saying no to Christ. Does this remind you of a conversion story from the Acts of Apostles where the protagonist in the narrative hears said: "...why are you persecuting me?"

Sandro Magister's article

The 2004 CDF notification on Jesus, Symbol of God

As Jesuit Father Gerald O'Collins once said: "I wouldn't give my life for Roger Haight's Jesus. It's a triumph of relevance over orthodoxy." Neither would I, would you?


This is a perfect example of a theologian who sows seeds of confusion in the mind of believers. Jesus a 'symbol of God', not God? One can then infer that the Eucharist is only a symbol too which is not Catholic belief. I didn't read the book but based on the title, it sure sounds like a modern version of Arianism. It's time to remove those teachers and theologians, who persist in opposing the teachings of the Magisterium, from the Catholic educational institutions.

Haight should have never been allowed to teach in a Catholic theologate. However, most people outside of his circle of academic followers who also deny most of the tenets of the Catholic faith have no idea what his work is.

There is no such thing as a new heresy, and this error will also be swept away into the dust bin of Church History.

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