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Power of freedom

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...[freedom] is so powerful that as long as a man wills to use it nothing is able to remove from him the ... uprightness (i.e., justice) which he has. By contrast, justice is not a natural possession.

Saint Anselm, De Concordia

Anselm's view of sin

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Suppose you were to find yourself in the presence of God and someone were to give you the command: "Look in that direction." And suppose that, on the contrary, God were to say: "I am absolutely unwilling for you to look." Ask yourself in your heart what there is, among all existing things, for the sake of which you ought to take that look in violation of God's will.

Saint Anselm of Canterbury, Cur Deus Homo

Justice/rectitude requires reason because "... a nature which does not know rightness is not able to will it."

Saint Anselm, De Veritate

The honor of God

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Uprightness is the sole and complete honor which we owe to God and which God demands from us.

Saint Anselm, Cur Deus Homo

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