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Tomorrow, July 1, will be first anniversary of existence of the group, Real Men Pray the Rosary on Facebook! Imagine!!!! The rosary is a beautiful prayer, it is attention to Christ through his Mother and if you want, praying the rosary is Scripture study.

RMPR claims to have 9,722 "FANS", people who have identified themselves as Jesus-loving, Rosary-praying Christians on a journey to holiness. (They're looking to reach 10,000 fans? Wanna join???) Let's begin a GLOBAL FACEBOOK ROSARY for the anniversary.

Real Men Pray the Rosary is a work dedicated to the promotion of Christian spirituality, community development and education. Through the good work and spiritual companionship of ACTS Missions, RMPR and ACTS flourish. 


Thanks for helping us to evangelize the blessings associated with praying the Rosary, especially for men who are called upon to be the spiritual leaders of our homes. I would make one minor correction to your blog entry. RMPTR is not financed by ACTS Missions. We love ACTS retreats and indeed are born again largely because of our own ACTS retreat experiences. Rather than being "financed by" ACTS retreats, our apostolate helps to finance ACTS retreats in our corner of the world through the sale of our "gear" that also help us to evangelize as well. Thanks for your efforts to keep us all informed of so many beautiful Catholic Christian topics and ideas!
To Jesus Through Mary,

Dear David,

Thanks for the note. I am happy to help your efforts. Thanks, too, for the correction; I must have misread some info and I'll make the correction to the post.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.



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