The Holy Maccabees

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holy maccabees.jpgThe very hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows.

May this fraternal crown of Thy Martyrs gladden us, O Lord, that so our faith may be strengthened and we may be comforted by the prayers of many intercessors.

The Wisdom of God's own seven pillars are all, a seven-branched lamp that shine with the Light Divine, Great Martyrs that were before the Martyrs, O all-wise Maccabees, with them pray that the God of all to whom we who now sing your praises may be saved. (Kontakion, tone 2)

(Some will be surprised to see a group of Jewish martyrs inserted in the Roman Liturgy. But it ought not be too surprising. Today a commemoration in the Roman Missal (1962) is that of these holy martyrs. The honoring of the Holy Maccabees is not a liturgical memorial that is found in the current sacramentary because the beloved Liguori is now on August 1. One can hope that the Holy Maccabees will be observed on the Novus Ordo calendar again! On the former liturgical calendar August 1 observed the Holy Maccabees as St Alphonse was celebrated on August 2. As a point of ecclesial comparison, the Orthodox Church maintains today as dedicated to these 7 Jewish Martyrs.

The Christian churches, east and west, honor the witnesses to God because of the steadfastness these people demonstrated for the revealed faith. In the face of persecution they lived and hoped according to the Law and the Fathers. That is, these 7 brothers refused to worship pagan gods and to break the kosher dietary laws; once they accepted the reality of who God was there was no turning away from Him, even at the threat of death. Therefore, the presence of the Jewish Martyrs on the Christian liturgical calendar signify recognition of the righteousness of many before the birth of Christ who are justly recognized as saints for the incredible faith. As they are models for the Jews they also are models for Catholics and Orthodox to live the faith with vigor. It's rather significant that Saint Ambrose of Milan spoke of the Maccabean martyrs in his work, On Jacob and the blessed life.)


Hello, I have a site dedicated to the Maccabees called the Eternal Order of St. Judas Maccabaeus. If you're interested go to or see me at Facebook under Jason Corning. The Protestants worship Zeus, not the LORD GOd. Their Christ is the uncircumcised pervert named Apollo, the Greco-Roman sun god. The Protestant refusal to accept the Maccabees stems from this basic issue. They march towards Mt. Olympus and woe be to those Catholics who join them. Seek first the Kingdom and go towards Mt. Sinai. There, and only there, will you find the God of the Maccabees.

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