The honor of God

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Uprightness is the sole and complete honor which we owe to God and which God demands from us.

Saint Anselm, Cur Deus Homo


I happened upon the information that you would be entering the seminary for bridgeport, i was sad to hear this. Bridgeport has an abundance of priests, averaginging 2-3 per a parish, while hartford averages 1, why not serve those in need, instead of those who have plenty. Think of your family, and their parishes. I never like to see the news of a hartford native wanting to serve outside the archdiocese, please reconsider.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope it is helpful to you. Thanks, too, for your encouragement to change dioceses. I understand and appreciate your disappointment. It is true that the Archdiocese of Hartford is in great need for priests. From what I can tell, Fr Michael Dolan has 34 men in the seminary formation program. So, while it is true that the Bridgeport Diocese has a sufficient number of priests to cover many of the ministries in the diocese, there is need here, too.

I see my family once or twice a week and speak with them other times during the week. As a point of fact, Bridgeport has 3 men, of various ages, from East Haven, CT.

I doubt it would be received well if I asked to move from one diocese to another at this point. Please keep me in your prayer and sacrifices.

Speaking as someone who has prayed for Paul's vocation for some time now, and who has friends in the discernment process in both Hartford and Bridgeport Dioceses, I think it is well to trust that the Holy Spirit knows where He wants the individuals who are called. Remember that Paul, the quintessential Jew, was sent to the Gentiles and encourage these men.

Thanks, Linda, for reading and commenting, But most importantly for the intercession before the Throne of Grace. PAX!

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