Saint Luke

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Adrienne von Speyer speaks of Saint Luke in Book of All Saints as man whose 'internal St Luke3.jpgattitude is essentially shaped by the fact that he gave up his profession in order to allow himself to be taken up into the new life, without any assurances. Of course, he brings his previous understanding and his previous capacities with him. But he submits them altogether to testing in the faith."


Von Speyer also notes Luke's "confessional attitude toward the Lord." In another place she calls to mind that Saint Luke serves the Lord and the early Church -indeed all of humanity--with his whole being, completely spending himself. But he performs his service in a posture of dependence: he shows us what it means to be dependent on the Lord, the One who redeems us.


Subordinate to Saint Paul's goodness, Luke learns from Paul that the Christ is only source on which to depend. It, therefore, it can be said that as a student of Paul, Saint Luke does everything to reflect what he's been taught. As Luke did everything "ad majorem gloriam Pauli," so we must be humble enough to do whatever the Lord asks in obedience.

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