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Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta

Today’s the liturgical memorial of Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta (1878-1905), a missionary sister with the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. A biographer notes that Blessed Maria Assunta was happy to be assigned to do farmwork —working with chickens, goats and the pigs. I can relate to her happiness in this service. What was striking was her […]

Blessed Stanley Rother

Today is the Feast of Blessed Stanley Rother, martyr. As Pope Francis said on the occasion of his beatification in 2017, ““[Yesterday], in Oklahoma City, the missionary priest, Stanley Francis Rother, killed in hatred of the faith for his work of evangelization, and work to promote the human dignity of the poorest people in Guatemala, […]

St Alban

In addition to St Bede and St Philip Neri, the Church recalls the memory of St Alban, the first Christian martyr of Britain, today. The list of saints commemorated on any given days is always interesting and worth our time in knowing and praying for their assistance. The Byzantine Church recalls Alban’s memory today while […]

Blessed Celestyna Faron

On the liturgical calendar of the Church in Poland today is Blessed Celestyna Faron, IHM (1913 – 1942) a Religious Sister of the Congregation of the Little Sister Servants of the Immaculate Conception. Within the Congregation she served variously as a teacher and catechist. In history she was known as Katarzyna Stanisława Faron 24 April 1913 born […]

St Rita of Cascia

The liturgical memorial of St. Rita of Cascia (1381-1457) is today. Several years ago when I was visiting a friend in Italy we visited the Benedictine monks at Norcia and by surprise, we were taken to Cascia to venerate the relics of St. Rita and imbibe the monastic house. At that time I didn’t really […]

St Simeon of Thessalonica

On the Eastern liturgical calendar we have our father among the saints, Simeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica. The Liturgy speaks of Simeon in this manner: By the light of your wisdom and virtue, O holy father, Simeon, the spirit of God revealed you as a true shepherd of Salonica and a divinely inspired master of the […]