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The Warrior Nun

“It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer got religion.” Well, if you like comedy and religion, you likely will like the new Netflix series, Warrior Nun. The trailer is fun. As a monk friend said, The character “Ava is done very well and Beatrice too, and while I am not too keen on the nun aspect […]

Finding Yoda in the 14th c.

The craze happening today regarding the new Star Wars movie is not surprising as the work of some adventuresome scholars who found that Yoda was NOT unique to the Steven Spielberg and his team of artists for the movie series. Yoda seems to be a figure known in a 14th century manuscript called “The Decretals of […]

Labor Day

Labor Day is our day to sit back and reflect on the virtue and value of work. From the Christian perspective human work ought always be connected with Divine Work. Since the industrial revolution and the false ideologies of the 20th century, work has taken on a dark and weary existence where we are frustrated […]