…bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

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St Bruno embraced love

What is the vocation of the Carthusian monk/nun founded by St. Bruno of Cologne? “The mystery of vocation, by which God calls certain people to a purely contemplative life and all-embracing love; the mystery of hidden lives of self-effacement with Christ who effaced himself; the mystery of the prayer of Christ in the wilderness during the […]

Blessed Stanley Rother

Today is the Feast of Blessed Stanley Rother, martyr. As Pope Francis said on the occasion of his beatification in 2017, ““[Yesterday], in Oklahoma City, the missionary priest, Stanley Francis Rother, killed in hatred of the faith for his work of evangelization, and work to promote the human dignity of the poorest people in Guatemala, […]

St Mary Magdalen

The emphasis in the spiritual life is on our searching for God. It is difficult not to admit this from the abundance of scriptural sources and the the witness of the saints. We know the accent of seeking when St Benedict makes this the key vocation matter in his Holy Rule. Sometimes I wonder, however, if […]

St Jude, relative of the Lord

The holy apostle Jude, relative of the Lord is honored by the Byzantine Church today. In addition to being an apostle he is in-charge of difficult cases. He is frequently invoked by medical professionals and those who are living with illness. “Like many of the other apostles, Jude’s name has several variations. In the Gospels […]

St Alban

In addition to St Bede and St Philip Neri, the Church recalls the memory of St Alban, the first Christian martyr of Britain, today. The list of saints commemorated on any given days is always interesting and worth our time in knowing and praying for their assistance. The Byzantine Church recalls Alban’s memory today while […]

St Pachomius the Great

Our venerable father among the saints, Pachomius, the great, is liturgically commemorated. He is a central figure in the monastic life, East and West. Pachomius was born in 292. As a young man, he served in the army under the emperor Constantine. The hardship of military life in Egypt was lightened by the kindness the […]