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Month: October 2014

Romanus Cessario’s new book: Theology and Sanctity

I purchased this new book by Dominican Father Romanus Cessario: Theology and Sanctity today. I recommend all things written by Father Romanus. Many of his ideas were preached in various places including at the Dominican Church of New Haven, St Mary’s last year. The Fr. Cajetan Cuddy provided this synopsis: “Saint Thomas Aquinas showed the world that Catholic theology is […]

Calling yourself Catholic?

In CCD the other day a question we hear from time-to-time: why do the followers of Jesus call themselves “Catholic”? The first written reference to the term “Catholic” is found in the early days of the second century with Saint Ignatius of Antioch, who as bishop, was arrested and brought to Rome by armed guards. This […]

Julián Carrón writes to US Communion and Liberation on the transitus of Lorenzo Albacete

Monsignor Albacete’s life is fulfilled today in front of the merciful Presence of the Mystery who makes all things, and it blossoms in the gladness that we always saw in him. The encounter with Father Giussani struck his life so deeply that he asked to serve the Movement in the United States, becoming Father Giussani’s […]

Saint John Paul

Today is the first time the Church has the opportunity to pray to/for Saint John Paul II since being canonized in April by Pope Francis. What follows are the texts for Mass and the Divine Office. Charles Joseph Wotjtyła was born in 1920 in Wadowice, Poland. After his ordination to the priesthood and theological studies in […]