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Month: November 2012

Chaput says Catholic life needs to be reignited; American culture is a new kind of mission territory

Philadelphia archbishop and Capuchin friar Charles J. Chaput writes well about the sobering reality of evangelization in his weekly column for this week. (Get in the habit of reading the Archbishop’s weekly essay.) The content of His Excellency’s essay “The new communities and the ‘New Evangelization‘” has “three simple things today: first, I’ll share some […]

Saint Andrew

Dicit Andreas Simoni fratri suo: Inveniemus Messiam, qui diciture Christus; et adduxit eum ad Iesum. translation Andrew said to Simon his brother: We have found the Messiah! (which is interpreted, the Christ); and he led him to Jesus. Saint Andrew, the First Called, brother of Saint Peter, at first a disciple of the Baptist,  is the […]

Speaking of God in 140 characters

The Pope will tweet. Is this a mortal sin or a gospel value? In today’s L’Osservatore Romano edition Mario Ponzi writes of Pope Benedict’s latest venture into tweeting. The Pope is not going to give up his love of books, old fashion research and handwriting his talks, but he’s diving into more deeply in the […]

The Season of Advent proposes reclaiming the Garden of Eden

I love the Syriac tradition of liturgical theology. Often I find it a far more satisfying liturgical tradition than the Latin church craziness I face. It is Semitic, very biblical and rich in humanity. I recommend that you immerse yourself in the poetry of Saint Ephrem, deacon and Doctor of the Church. The Maronite Church […]

Dorothy Day’s 32nd anniversary of death

Today is the 32nd anniversary of death of the Servant of God Dorothy Day. The Benedictine Oblate from Brooklyn Heights, NY, who is remembered for her conversion to Christ and His Church and with Peter Maurin founded The Catholic Worker Movement. In recent days we’ve learned that the bishops of the USA are standing behind […]

Benedictine Father Michael Zielinski appointed Head of Office for the Pope’s Worship Office

The Pope appointed Benedictine Abbot Christopher Michael John Zielinski to the be the Head of the Office (office manager) of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on Saturday, 24 November 2012. He is the number 3 person in the Congregation serving with Antonio Cardinal Cañizares, Archbishop Arthur Roche and Father […]