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Month: February 2011

Asma al-Assad on St John the Baptist

Syria should be on your radar screen if you have an interest in the life of the Church. It’s openness to Christianity today is startling bad. Freedom of religion and human rights lack; political oppression and basic needs are always in question. The current regime very likely nervous given the recent wave of political take-back. […]

Patriarch Nasrallah Peter Sfeir, retires as Maronite leader

Today, Pope Benedict XVI accepted the petition of His Beatitude, Patriarch Nasrallah Peter Sfeir, cardinal, to retire from his pastoral leadership as the Father of Maronite Church. The resignation was speculated a few weeks ago. Here is the letter of Pope Benedict to His Beatitude (in French until an English translation is given).

China’s war on women and girls: one-child policy, forced sterilization, forced abortion & infanticide

On Wednesday I joined my friend Suzanne Tanzi, a fellow traveler among friends in the lay ecclesial movement, Communion and Liberation, to an in-service billed as “Gendercide, Sex Trafficking and Violence Against Women” given in light of the Christian perspective as a way to give an alternate voice to the ideology of the United Nations Commission […]

Cardinal John P. Foley retires to the USA due to illness

John Patrick Cardinal Foley, 75, Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem retired from his work in Rome due to the illnesses of luekemia and anemia. He returned to his native Philadephia. His return to the USA was swift after submitting a letter of resignation to the Cardinal Secretary of State […]

Saint Polycarp

If you really want to know what tradition is look at the life of today’s saint. Saint Polycarp had indirect knowledge of Jesus: he had known those who had direct knowledge of the Savior. Polycarp was a disciple of the Beloved Disciple, Saint John the Evangelist, who had converted him around the year AD 80. […]