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just_funny_dogs.jpgJust for fun I am reading Martin Luther's essay "Against the Robbing and Murdering Hordes of Peasants."

What are you chewing on today?
St Louis Arch.jpg

... for a few days I am fishing for catfish ... and eating Ted Drews ...

Paul octopus.jpg... who would have thought that someone, anyone, would think that a common octopus named Paul, would select THE winner of the World Cup 2010!!!

The octopus is spared from the calamari plate one more time...

Well, I am partial to Paul the octopus!
Independence Day Declaration of Independence.jpg

St Thomas Aquinas didn't have a theological opinion on America's Independence for obvious reasons, but he did have at least two thoughts on the virtue of the fatherland and a Catholic's perspective in honoring one's homeland. He sets in clear terms the proper order of our praise for our origins. Aquinas wrote:

"The virtue of piety helps us pay worship not only to one's father but also to one's fatherland" (II-II, Q. 102, a3).

And in another place he said, "Our existence and guidance in life come primarily from God, secondarily from our parents and our native country.  Religion gives expression to the faith, hope and charity which fundamentally unite us to God; in the same way loyalty expresses the love we have for our parents and native country" (II-II, Q101, a2). 

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