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In his pastoral visit to Sicily last week the Holy Father called to mind the beauty and the place of the Mother of God in our lives: she's an intensely loving mother who truly looks after her children. Here are some excerpts:

Madonna della Scala Correggio.jpg
To the Virgin Mary I wish to entrust all of the people of God who live in this beloved land. May she sustain the families in love and in educational commitment; may she fructify the seeds of vocation that God liberally sows among the young people; may she instill courage in trials, hope in difficulties, renewed strength in doing the good. May the Madonna comfort the sick and all those who are suffering, and help the Christian communities so that no one in them be forgotten or in need, but that each one, especially the little and the weak, feel welcomed and valued." 

The also told us that "in Parma, Anna Maria Adorni is being beatified. In 19th century she was an exemplary wife and mother and then, having become a widow, she dedicated herself to charitable work among women in prison and in difficulty, for whose service she founded two religious institutes. Mother Adorni, because of her constant prayer, was called the "Living Rosary." I am glad to mention her at the beginning of the month of the rosary. May the daily meditation on the mysteries of Christ in union with Mary, the prayerful Virgin, strengthen us in faith, in hope and in charity."

Benedict XVI
address at Palermo's Foro Italico Umberto I
October 3, 2010

Our Lady of the Rosary

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Madonna of the Rosary LLotto.jpgI once told a youth director who was getting "heat" from his colleagues for having his parish youth group pray the rosary that that prayer is really Scripture study. What else could you call the each of the mysteries, the Hail Mary and the Lord's Prayer? On the simplest level praying the rosary is not only a tool of spiritual education in the School of Mary, but also uniting more and more closely to the Lord.

It is often said that if you want to end sin in your life, evil in the world, that is, to slice the head off evil, then pray the Rosary. I see more rosaries around the rear view mirror or around the neck but so rarely in those same hands fingering the beads of the Mysteries of the Jesus' life, death and resurrection. In the rosary we trace the lines of salvation history and the beautiful mission of Jesus.

Pope, saints, good priests and religious and grandmothers recommend wholeheartedly our attachment to this divine gift of love.

The previous year's post for this feast is here.

The infant church in prayer was gathered round

Th'apostles and the Mother of the Lord;

In faithfulness to Christ's farewell command,

They prayed and waited, trusting in the Word.


With joy we think on incarnation's grace;

With light we meditate upon Christ's life;

With sorrow, all his passion keep in mind;

And in his glory, hope beyond all strife.


For Mary's faithfulness we praise you, Lord,

who heard and trusted in your promise strong;

To you we sing, O Trinity most blessed,

In praise that through the ages echoes long.


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