Gianna Center --Keeping hope alive for infertile couples

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Gianna Center logo.jpgAn ad on the back cover of the Catholic New York sparks me to draw the attention of Communio readers and others to the good work of The Gianna Center and the founders, Dr. Anne Nolte and Dr. Kyle Beiter.

The Gianna Center uses highly successful technology that's healthy for the woman to see if pregnancy is possible. Infertility is a terrible cross for a couple but not every medical technique is helpful, right or ethical/moral. The Gianna Center works to restore the natural fertility of the woman (and man). Many couples who seek treatments to get pregnant are often told that nothing but chemical and/or fertility are possible. Not true. The Gianna Center has done marvelous healthy and holy work.
Since the founding of the Gianna Center in NYC in 2010, the Center now calls themselves "The National Gianna Center for Women's Health and Fertility," and they now have a good connection with Saint Peter's Healthcare System in New Jersey. Dr. Nolte runs the NYC office on E. 40th Street, and Dr. Beiter has an office in New Brunswick, NJ. Now if we can expand to New Haven in the Archdiocese of Hartford!!!

There's an annual Saint Gianna Mass in New York at the Church of Saint Catherine of Siena, co-sponsored by the NY Archdiocese's Office of Family Life, the Gianna Center and the Dominican Friars Healthcare Ministry. The 2013 Mass will be offered for the intention of those who desire to be pregnant and otherwise are infertile, on May 16, at 6:30pm, the anniversary of Saint Gianna's canonization. Hundreds of people attend to offer prayer for themselves or others, to venerate the relics of Saint Gianna and to meet others who share similar concerns. There have been reports to miracles happening following this Mass,

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Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us.
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