World Meeting of the Families 2009

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World Meeting of the Families 2009

The family, teacher of human and Christian values

January 13-18

Mexico City


Holy Family2.jpgOur God, indivisible Trinity, you created the human being "in your image" and You admirably formed him as male and female that so together, united and in reciprocal collaboration with love, they fulfilled Your project of "being fecund and dominate the Earth"; We pray to You for all our families that so, finding in You their initial inspiration and model, that is fully expressed in the Holy Family of Nazareth, can live the human and Christian values that are necessary to consolidate and sustain the love experience and to be the foundations of a more human and Christian construction of our society.

We pray to You for the intercession of Mary, our Mother, and Saint Joseph. For Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A video about the Pope's participation in this magnificent event is seen here.


I am very proud of our son! The Living of his Faith,and being always there for his family. Thank you to all that read his blog. Love you mom and dad Keep up the great work!!!

Thanks, Mom. You're the best!

Mexico is known for its religiosity and great destinations. But 2009 isn’t a great year for Mexico because of the swine flu outbreak. However, despite some crisis that Mexico is going through, they are still spirited just like the Cinco de mayo celebration. May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday. There is a recurring myth that Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexican independence, but the thing is, it doesn't, and we are not going to give that idea any debt relief. The day commemorates a battle in Pueblo, one of the states of Mexico, between the forces of General Ignacio Zaragoza (he won, thus the holiday), and a French expeditionary force sent by Napoleon. (Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew; he had been already digested by worms by this point.) Outside of Pueblo, not many get a cash advance or use the credit cards to celebrate it – it's only in America where people throw a bash requiring mortgage loan modification to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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