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Which is it: Holy See, the Vatican, or the Catholic Church?

Always distinguish your terms, especially as they are related to the Church…Do you know the differences in terms: Holy See, Vatican and the Catholic Church??? They are not the same…our Catholic faith has an order, you know. I was told once I was too fussy. Really?

Father Jerabek, a student at the Pontifical Atheneum of the Holy Cross (Rome) doing work in canon law is also a priest of the Diocese of Birmingham (AL),  briefly identifies the differences in terms.


Shanghai’s new auxiliary bishop faces government crackdown

Watching the current affairs of the Catholic Church in China always leaves me a bit perplexed. For me, there is no easy way to understand such a complex situation. The day bishops were ordained by the government sponsored Church without the approval of the Holy Father. This is not a mere stepping on someone’s toes. It is the breaking of communion between the head and the body, between the Pope and a bishop. Catholics follow Saint Peter to Christ. Catholics faithful to the Faith thereby faithful to the Pope suffer for such obedience. In fact, Bishop Ma said the gathered people that he would not work with the government Church, his ministry was restricted. He went missing for a time following his ordination. See the Vatican Insider story here.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.

What follows is the Vatican summary of what’s going on:

Bishop Ma Daqin.jpg

Following is the communique released this morning on the episcopal ordination of the Reverend Joseph Yue Fusheng in Harbin and the Reverend Thaddeus Ma Daqin as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Shanghai.

“With regard to the episcopal ordination of the Reverend Joseph Yue Fusheng, which took place in Harbin (Province of Heilongjiang) on Friday 6 July 2012, the following is stated:

1) The Reverend Joseph Yue Fusheng, ordained without pontifical mandate and hence illicitly, has automatically incurred the sanctions laid down by canon 1382 of the Code of Canon Law. Consequently, the Holy See does not recognize him as Bishop of the Apostolic Administration of Harbin, and he lacks the authority to govern the priests and the Catholic community in the Province of Heilongjiang.

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Virgilio Cardinal Noè, RIP, former Archpriest of St Peter’s Basilica

John Paull I and Virgilio Noè.JPG

One the well-known faces in the Vatican curia died earlier today. Virgilio Cardinal Noè, 89, died in Rome.

Noè has been a cardinal since 1991. He was the Pope’s vicar general for Vatican City State, the President of the Fabric of St Peter’s Basilica and the Archpriest of St Peter’s Basilica.
Cardinal Noè’s face was recognizable due to his work as the pontifical Master of Ceremonies, a ministry he held since Pope Paul and one that he had under the Pope John Paul II until 1982.
Cadinal Noè is remembered for his faithful service as a priest and adherence to the Gospel.

Pope Benedict re-opens Apostolic Library

Benedict XVI opens Vatican Library after renovation.jpg

Earlier today at
the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI re-opened the Apostolic Library following a
three year, 11.5 million dollar renovation. The Library’s more modern work
began with Pope Nicholas V providing space for Latin, Greek and Hebrew
manuscripts, updated its climate controls, security and fixed structural
problems. The Pope spent an hour exploring the library. In the Pope’s mind, the
Library is a crucial tool in his ministry as the successor of Saint Peter and the proclamation of the Kingdom of God on earth because it takes seriously humanity and the human search for God. The
Vatican’s Library is said to have 150 thousand manuscripts, a million printed
books, 300,00 coins and medals and more than a 100 thousand prints and
engravings. Some papal thoughts of November 9, 2010 follow:

Eminent place of the historical memory of the universal Church, in
which are kept venerable testimonies of the handwritten tradition of the Bible,
the Vatican Library is but another reason to be the object of the care and
concern of the Popes. From its origins it conserves the unmistakable, truly
catholic,” universal openness to everything that humanity has
produced in the course of the centuries that is beautiful, good, noble, worthy
(cf. Philippians 4:8); the breadth of mind with which in time it gathered the
loftiest fruits of human thought and culture, from antiquity to the Medieval
age, from the modern era to the 20th century. Nothing of all that is truly
human is foreign to the Church
, which because of this has always sought,
gathered, conserved, with a continuity that few equal, the best results of men
of rising above the purely material toward the search, aware or unaware, of the

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How does the Vatican celebrate Christmas?

Edward Pentin, a National Catholic Register journalist and based in Rome, wrote a good article on Christmastide –Vatican style. We are in the middle of Advent and it’s time to think of Gaudete Sunday this coming weekend. Read Pentin’s article.

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