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Dolan’s lifting off…to the conclave

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Dorothy Day not the patron saint of the “left” nor an agenda item of the “right”

Day the saint.jpgDorothy Day is not a pawn in political camps. She is the darling of a political camp for either the seculars or the ecclesials. To apply political monikers of liberal and conservative, left or right is grossly inaccurate and a rather reductionistic manner to understand a person and her vocation, the vocation defined by love and happiness. True to an authentic follower of Christ, Dorothy Day’s vocation was to be a saint, that is singularly focussed on her Lord and Savior; her vocation was to adore and follow Jesus Christ. Day’s vocation was not to feed the the poor and argue for a change in governmental policy. As a friend said, Day’s life is too easily “framed in political terms by people who anachronistically use words like ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ to describe a life that was never about that fight.” Additionally, I fully agree with Martha Hennessy, 57, the granddaughter of Day who said she was uncomfortable about her grandmother’s abortion. Let’s pay attention to Martha Hennessy, “I wish we would focus on the birth of her child more than on her abortion because that’s what really played a role in her conversion.” Indeed. This is the pro-life position of the Church.

I significantly dislike the way Day’s life is used to diminish a true practice of faith, of religion. The NY Times published Sharon Otterman’s article, “In Hero of the Catholic Left, a Conservative Cardinal Sees a Saint,” and it’s typically misguided with tired cliches and wrong information (her facts are often wrong) yet useful in a limited way because Dorothy Day saintliness shines. Obviously Otterman wanted a story and not the truth.

Cardinal Dolan tells US bishops: work on your own conversion first

President Timothy Cardinal Dolan began his address saying that we need to
attend to “First things first: we are first believers in Christ: the way, the
truth and the life…We need to recall that the Lord said, “Seek first the
Kingdom of God”: it is God who first engages us…”

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Cardinal Dolan: Synod message may be too optimistic

The head of the US bishops and archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, just finished with many others, work at the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization in Rome. The Synod called by the Pope is tasked to advise him on questions that concern him in his pastoral leadership of the Church.

The pastors and experts are still trying figure out what to make of the new evangelization called for by Pope John Paul II in 1983 when he said that the sharing of the faith needed to be “new in its vigor, in its methods, in its expressions.” What’s now called the new evangelization concerns not only proclaiming the Gospel to those who have yet to hear of Jesus Christ (or know only his name and nothing more) and to re-catechize Catholics. There seems to be a divide in thinking and in approach when you read some interventions by some of the bishops as opposed to the heads of religious orders, ecclesial movements and other of the laity. Dolan admits that some in the Synod are a little too optimistic about the state of the question.

Cardinal Dolan spoke with Vatican Radio about the experience and the message released. You can listen here.

3 US Synod Fathers speak on the New Evangelization

The beginning of the critically important meeting of church leaders, clergy and lay alike, on the New Evangelization, is fast approaching on October 7. Cardinal Wuerl and Dolan and Archbishop Kurtz offer a 3 minute insight into their work. CNS did a video clip on what they said.

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