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Poverty Eradication and Intergenerational Justice: Stewardship, Solidarity and Subsidiarity

This coming year Pope Benedict is going to spend time teaching matters of Justice. In fact, he’s called for a new emphasis on Justice several times in the past year. St John’s University is a college operated by the Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians), the religious order founded by the great Saint Vincent de Paul who had a special love for the poor and marginalized but also taught that one can’t effectively serve the poor without an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. For Saint Vincent de Paul, in order to walk with the poor one had to first first walk with the Lord. To that end, the Vincentian Fathers, Brothers and laity organized the Vincentian Center for Church and Society.

Next week, there is the 7th Biennial Vincentian Chair of Social Justice at St. John’s University (Queens, NY Campus) on “Poverty Eradication and Intergenerational Justice: Stewardship, Solidarity and Subsidiarity” to take place on October 22, 2011. 

More information can be found here: Poverty Eradication and Intergenerational Justice.pdf

Doing community service because Christ loves me

The reviews of the 2011 NY Encounter sponsored by Communion and Liberation in January continue to surface. A recent view by Sophie Lewis on ilsussidiario.net gave some things to think about in an article, “A Living Cathedral.” Lewis puts her finger on living a new way. Namely, that Jesus Christ has loved us before we were aware of that love.

Quoting a priest’s homily Lewis notes: “All of you are here because you were loved first, and that is what should be the purpose of your work here.” This COULD NOT BE TRUER! The priest continues: “You are not engaged in an altruistic community service project, but you are here because Someone else loves you and you are responding to that love.” Now, THIS is the perfect way of indicating our response to the invitation to meet God who works hard to meet us.

Sophie Lewis is 17 and approaching university life soon. Happy to see her digging into the beauty and work of Communion and Liberation!

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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