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Two saints arrived

Two saints arrived today. Actually, their relics arrived and with their papers. A friend sent me the relics of Saint Casimir and Saint Pius X.

What is a relic? The word “relic” comes from the Latin “relinquo” meaning “I leave” or “I abandon.” Typically a relic of a saint is a bone or piece of hair if it is a first class relic. Something owned by the saint, like clothing or a piece of a desk, is a second class relic and something touched by the relic is a third class relic.
We only adore Jesus Christ. We honor, that is, venerate, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. There is a difference. The distinction is shown in the fact that we don’t pray to a crucifix or a statue or a relic. Our prayer is directed to the one whom the crucifix, statue or relic indicates. The power to do miracles rests with God alone, Mary and the saints intercede on our behalf.

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John Paul’s blood to be presented as a relic at May 1st Mass

Blood drawn from Pope John Paul II prior to his death and saved in case there was need of a transfusion at a local hospital, will be presented to Pope Benedict XVI at the May 1st Mass at which John Paul will be declared a “blessed.” The blood relic will be kept with other relics at the Apostolic Household. Read the entire story here.

Orazio Soricelli visits New Haven, honors St Andrew the Apostle

St Andrew relic2 New Haven.jpgNew Haven has many residents whose family hails from Amalfi, Italy. The Italian heritage society, The Saint Andrew Society of New Haven (Società di Sant’Andrea Apostolo), draws the old time Italians, most by now have only an affection of Amalfi but neither speak the Italian language nor have been to the beautiful sea-side town.

The enchanted and beautiful lush area not far from Naples. Amalfi, as you know, over the years has been the resting place of the relics of the brother of Peter, fisherman and first-called by the Lord, Saint Andrew the Apostle. His relics have been in Amalfi since the 13th century (brought to the Italian city by crusaders coming back from Constantinople). A small relic of Saint Andrew is venerated here in New Haven at The Church of St Michael. This parish is recognized as the first spiritual home of the Italian community for more than 150 years. And gratefully so for us to have one of the closest connections to Our Savior and to the Prince of the Apostles!

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Saint Vladimir’s relics visit the USA

St Vladimir's relics detail.jpgThe privilege of having the relics of one’s patron coming to your home is a singular experience. Friends who are seminarians at Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary welcomed their patron’s relics in solemn ceremony this past weekend.

An 11th century saint, Saint Vladimir is known in the Orthodox Church as the Holy and Great Prince Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles who first experienced a dramatic conversion to Christ. He is credited with bringing Christianity to various places in Russia.
Saint Vladimir’s feast is commemorated in both the Orthodox and Latin Churches on July 15.

The press release of the veneration is here with yet another here.
in procession with St Vladimir's relics.jpg
Thanks to Deacon Dustin Lyon for the photos.

Don Bosco’s relic comes to New York City

A relic of Saint John Bosco, patron of youth, is visiting New York City on Friday, October 1. The relic’s pilgrimage is in preparation for the saint’s 200th anniversary of birth. Being in the USA is only one of 130 nations that the relic is visiting.

Don Bosco’s relic will be at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC. Veneration of the relic will be 10 am until 11 pm. Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Timothy Dolan at 7 pm.

More info can be found here (this is an excellent website!)

Saint John Bosco
born 1815
died 1888
canonized a saint 1934
the Salesians of Don Bosco, the religious order founded by the saint can be seen here.

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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