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Fund for Life established at Notre Dame Univ.

The University
of Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Culture
establishes “The Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life,” a fund
to support pro-life activities. Here’s the summary of this new
initiative and the press release.

PS: poke around
the Center’s website, especially the list of Board of Advisors and notice the
names of those who lend their political & religious influence to this

No to abortion, yes to life: Spain is in a fight over Pro-Life

The headmistress of Purísima Concepción y Santa María Micaela school, a parochial school in Logroño in northern Spain, Sister María Victoria Vindel gave this presentation to her students about horror of abortion. The slideshow is provocative and graphic

Spain’s very left leaning government is trying to overturn its country’s abortion laws. To procure an abortion in Spain is currently a crime. Sister Vindel is being attacked by those who want to “progress” into the 21st century of nihilism. Pray for her and the others taking up the fight against abortion.

The drama of life and death in reality

Turn, O Lord, and deliver their souls for there is none in death who will be mindful of You!

Mourning.jpgThe dead from Italy’s earthquake last week are mourned. A Mass of Christian Burial was offered on Good Friday by Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI with the bishops and priests of the region.

We beseech Thee, O Lord, deliver the souls of Thy servants, that being dead to this world, they may live to Thee and whatever sins they have committed through human frailty, do Thou wipe away by the pardon of Thy merciful goodness.

Cardinal Bertone.jpgRequiem aeternam dona eis, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace. Amen.

A gloomy Holy Saturday: the courseness of humanity

The gloominess of today’s weather leads to a gloomy feeling that all is not well in the world. Of course, it is Holy Saturday which in itself is a bittersweet experience: the Paschal Mystery is intense and the drama of the sacred Liturgy causes me to reflect more deeply on important matters: human desire, cooperation with truth, faithfulness, interior and exterior peace, love, salvation, God, Chris’t atonement, etc.

The spiritual intensity of the day has led me to think of how some cultural commentators are looking at life through the lens of Christian faith seeing a dismal experience of Christianity and the reduction of man and woman to the courseness of existence. I am beginning to see that we are living a dark period of history. Let me give three examples that depress me, all come from today’s edition of the New York Times: “Washington Churches Eye a Prize: The Obamas,” “In Another Recession Sign, an Uptick in Vasectomies” and “Spain Steps Into Battle With Itself on Abortion.” For me, these articles show to what extent that many people are willing to go to reduce the experience of faith to a commodity, life to a matter of “rights and progressivity” and the sexual intercourse to economy and self-centeredness. All three articles strike me as examples of desperation because know of them really demonstrate to me that following Christ (or any religious sensibility) means anything. Has truth, the dignity of human life and a healthy sexuality been totally replaced by radical subjectivity, nihilism and hedonism?

The Spanish interlocutors make the claim of trying to change the current abortion law as a matter of humanity suggesting that not to change the law is to live in a barbourous society. It’s quite the opposite: you’re humanity is diminished by acting selfishly and cruelly toward the unborn. How is killing the unborn giving a woman a dignified humanity when abortion is part of the matrix? The abortion proponents argue that they want a state that is “progressive,” like other Western nations except Ireland. To what are they progressing? Death? A culture where death is the hallmark and not life.

On Holy Saturday I have to say that our society is leaping toward madness and not to great freedom and certainly not toward communion with God and life with Him.

Fight HB 2354: The Illinois FOCA Bill

House Bill 2354, Illinois State Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), passed the Illinois House Human Services Committee on March 11.  The bill will now head to the Illinois House floor for the consideration of the entire body.

Illinois residents, please call your Illinois State Representative with this message:

“Vote NO on HB 2354.  The bill is extreme. It declares abortion to be a fundamental right and it invalidates a health care professional’s right of conscience.”

The bill also seeks to :

– Make abortion a fundamental right, preventing any common-sense regulation such as parental notification
– Expand public funding of abortion through Medicaid at a time when the State cannot even meet its current fiscal obligations
– Invalidates the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act protecting health care professionals and employers
– Mandate comprehensive sex education for all children in public schools
– Establish a liability shield for abortion providers who harm pregnant women

Visit the Illinois General Assembly’s web site at www.ilga.gov to find your Legislator.  If you encounter any difficulties, please call the Catholic Conference of Illinois at 312-368-1066.

Cardinal Francis E. George’s letter on HB 2354:
Cardinal’s letter HB2354.pdf

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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