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Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for December 2013

Pope with people in St Cyril church RomeDecember is now with us and it means attending to the work of keeping watch with Christ. What is meant by attending means being awake, open, and teachable. The way we approach things is crucial in the life of faith. We are motivated by the singleness of purpose as in walking the path to salvation in hope and in humility. The papal intentions for December are poignant: for children victimized by adults lacking in love and for the entire Church to prepare once again for the entrance of the Savior into history.

Prayer is the openness to God that expands our capacity to love.

The missionary intention

That children who are victims of abandonment or violence may find the love and protection they need.

The general intention

That Christians, enlightened by the Word incarnate, may prepare humanity for the Savior’s coming.

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for November 2013

Francis and cardinal deacons 2013Catholics connect real well with devotions because pious gestures and prayers speak to the heart in simple and yet a very profound ways. I would contend that the spiritual life is comprised of Mass, faithful reception of sacraments, lectio divina, work, study, companionship, devotions (a holy hour, adoration of the Sacrament, rosary, prayer for the Pope’s monthly intentions, etc.). It would seem to me that a vigorous Catholic faith requires a devotional life to “keep life human.” Prayer is being in friendship with God; prayer also opens our hearts and minds for others.

The general intention

That priests who experience difficulties may find comfort in their suffering, support in their doubts, and confirmation in their fidelity.

The missionary intention

That as fruit of the continental mission, Latin American Churches may send missionaries to other Churches.

For reflection

What are you doing in support of priests you know who are struggling? Why are missionary vocations a sign of the health of the Church?

Pope Francis’s prayer intentions for October 2013

The honest Christian’s life tells us that prayer is not the end; rather, Christian’s know prayer is a means to an end. The saints teach us this fact.  And what is that end? Jesus Christ! The aim of every serious Christian is not only to be in a relationship with Jesus, but to be shaped into him – to be another Christ. The sacred Scripture reveals this, the sacraments nourish this, daily living demonstrates this. Here are the Holy Father’s prayer intentions for October.

The general intention

That those feeling so crushed by life that they wish to end it may sense the nearness of God’s love.

The mission intention

That the celebration of World Mission Day may help all Christians realize that we are not only receivers but proclaimers of God’s word.

Pope Francis prayer intentions for September 2013

Francis prays rosarySaint John of Kronstadt said, “When you pray, try to let the prayer reach your heart; in other words, it is necessary that your heart should feel what you are talking about in your prayer, that it should wish for the blessing which you are asking… Observe, during prayer, whether, your heart is in accord with that which you are saying.”

We are asked to remember these two intentions for the month of September in union with the Pope.

The general intention

That people today, often overwhelmed by noise, may rediscover the value of silence and listen to the voice of God and their brothers and sisters.

The missionary intention

That Christians suffering persecution in many parts of the world may by their witness be prophets of Christ’s love.

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for August 2013

Some people are on the way back to school. St Benedict’s Prep (at Newark Abbey, Newark, NJ), an inner-city  school operated by the Benedictine monks began their academic year this past week. My prayer for the students, teachers, and staff members is for a year full of grace and an appreciation for wonder and awe in the work of study. Pope Francis’ prayer intention is the maturation of the Christian conscience. And there is the peace and justice work needs our attention before God and in our daily life.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

The general intention

That parents and teachers may help the new generation to grow in upright conscience and life.

The missionary intention

That the local Church in Africa, faithfully proclaiming the Gospel, may promote peace and justice.

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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