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Pope Benedict’s prayer intentions for December 2012

papa prega.jpgThe December prayer intentions of the Pope have us praying for migrants and for the Light of the Incarnation to radiate from our own faces as witnesses to someone greater than ourselves. These are particularly poignant set of prayer intentions for us in the USA: we are a nation of immigrants; we are a City set on a hill. Our solidarity in prayer if not in other concrete ways ought to remind us of our roots.

Let’s us join with Pope Benedict to pray for those who have left their home in the hope of finding work, peace, love and acceptance in other lands. Are we still hospitable children of God?

The general intention

That migrants throughout the world may be welcomed
with generosity and authentic love, especially by Christian communities.

The missionary intention

Christ may reveal himself to all humanity with the light that shines forth from
Bethlehem and is reflected in the face of his Church.

Pope Benedict’s prayer intentions for November 2012

Pope enjoys breeze.jpgPraying with and for another expands our life, it gives us a new point of view. This is especially true when we unite ourselves in prayer with the monthly prayer intentions published by the Apostleship
of Prayer
, and published here on the Communio
blog on first day of the month.

The Apostleship of Prayer may
be consider as the Pope’s personal prayer group. Blessed John Paul II wrote in
1985 of the Apostleship of Prayer as “a precious treasure from the Pope’s heart
and the Heart of Christ.” Since 1844, the Apostleship has been a work of the
Society of Jesus and there are some 50 million apostles praying with and for
the Holy Father. Consider joining the Apostleship of Prayer by visiting the link above.

Our prayer intentions…

General intention

That bishops, priests, and all ministers of
the Gospel may bear the courageous witness of fidelity to the crucified and
risen Lord.

Mission intention

That the pilgrim church on earth may shine as a
light to the nations.

Remember Your mercies, O Lord, as a we lift our prayer to
you for the Church.

Pope Benedict’s prayer intentions for October 2012

Benedict Prays at John Paul II Coffin.jpg

At the foot of
the Cross, and with the help of Saint Thérèse, we ask for the following with
Pope Benedict:

The general intention 

That the New Evangelization may progress in
the oldest Christian countries. 

The mission intention 

That the celebration of
World Mission Day may result in a renewed commitment to evangelization.

Also, may I recommend to our daily prayers the work the Church is about to embark on, that is the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization and those who are dealing with addiction (I have a family member who is trying to kick her addictions to the curb, but is facing her own opposition.)

Saints Joseph and Thérèse, pray for us.

Pope Benedict’s prayer intentions for September 2012

Pope at Word Synod 2008.jpg

“… it is the community prayer of the Word of God that stands out for … [St Benedict] as the most vital prayer for everyone because everyone is involved in it, because the whole Church and all mankind are included in it…”

Saint Benedict’s Rule
Abbot Patrick Barry, OSB

Ampleforth Abbey

For September, let’s offer a rosary and other good works for the intentions of the Pope. As Abbot Patrick said above, the community’s prayer includes all people.

The general

That politicians may always act with honesty, integrity, and love for
the truth. 

The missionary intention

That Christian communities may have a
growing willingness to send missionaries, priests, and lay people, along with
concrete resources, to the poorest Churches.

Pope Benedict’s prayer intentions for August 2012

B16 at Gandolfo 2012.jpgHow often do we take seriously the Lord’s teaching that we ought to pray (and care for) our enemies? Likely, not often. We allowed our emotions and prejudices and our hurt to get in the way of loving those who oppose even in a small way. It’s been said, “Our simple and profound life, in which every moment of
the day is offered to God, helps them find purpose in their often difficult
life behind bars.” Pope Benedict’s intentions for August draw us closer to what the Lord wants. Let’s join him and the Church in prayer for the human dignity of those in jail.

The general intention 

That prisoners may be treated with
justice and respect for their human dignity.

The missionary intention

That young
people, called to follow Christ, may be willing to proclaim and bear witness to
the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

About the author

Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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