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Joe, rest in the Lord’s peace

Joe PalermoOn Sunday, my cousin Joe died suddenly of a heart attach at his home in Florida. Today would have been Joe’s 54th birthday.

Prayers for God’s mercy and the consolation of his sisters, his wife and children.

May the Good Shepherd care for him.


(photo @ H. Roesler)

The temporary silence

A brief note on the recent silence regarding the blog. More than a week ago both my mom and aunt Gloria fell, hitting their heads. They were in the ER together requiring significant medical attention. My mom is fine, coming home with a bump on her head and pain in side. My aunt, however, suffered a traumatic brain injury. Following several medical procedures, including surgery, the Lord of Life called her home in the morning of the feast Saint Monica. My aunt’s Mass of Christian Burial was offered on August 30.

May I ask that you pray for God’s mercy and Gloria’s eternal memory.

Dad’s 72

Mom and Dad 31 Aug 2012.jpeg

My Dad is 72 today. Happy Birthday!
Here’s a picture of both my Mom and Dad after lunch today.
May God grant many years!

A casual summer Saturday

Saturday’s are days to catch up on things: sleep, errands, oil change for the car, watering the garden, especially the vegetables; even having lunch with a friend and dinner with my family. It was a somewhat lazy summer day. In between I made a visit to Our Lady of Grace Monastery (North Guilford, CT) for the rosary, some quiet time with the Lord and to browse the gift shop. And of course, going to Confession. You?

25 years later

Today marks the 25th anniversary of death of my dear grandfather, Julius J. Zalonski. I can’t believe the time has moved so quickly. The noon Mass is celebrated for him as the Mass was celebrated for my grandmother last week on her 8th anniversary.

God was very good to me in giving me the grace of good grandparents on both sides of my family. A gift that allows me to be full of gratitude. Much good and love was experienced with my grandfather, more than what I am aware…
With the Church I pray,
O God, giver of pardon and loving author of our salvation, grant, we pray you, in your mercy, that through the intercession of the Blessed Mary, ever-Virign, and all the Saints, my grandfather Julius who has passed from this world 25 years ago, may attain a share in eternal happiness.

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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