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Being a Catholic Priest–and Married, salient reflections….

A dear friend of mine, Father Richard Cipolla published an article today in the Wall Street Journal on what it means for a faithful Christian to belong to Christ faithfully, moving from an Episcopal Church to full communion with the Catholic Church and being a married Catholic priest. The life of sacrifice and joy is clear in Cipolla’s story. For me, it is a testament of grace to know Father Richard and his wife, Cathy, and to have met his children. Wouldn’t be good if all the clergy could say that with conviction and love. Last week Father Richard celebrated his anniversary of ordination to the Catholic priesthood on January 28 in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Let us pray for him and Holy Mother Church.

The WSJ article follows:

Being a Catholic Priest–and Married

The pope has created a new diocese for bringing Episcopalians into the church.

By Richard Cipolla

Richard Cipolla.jpg

Last month, Pope Benedict announced the formation of an American “ordinariate,” or special diocese for Episcopal congregations that want to move to Roman Catholicism (driven largely by Episcopalianism’s liberal drift). These congregations, the pope ruled, could keep some of their Anglican liturgy. More significantly, a small but sizable number of married Episcopal priests will now become married Catholic priests.

As a married Catholic priest ordained in 1984 under a special provision set forth by Pope John Paul II (for individual priests, judged on an individual basis), I have closely followed Pope Benedict’s announcement. I rejoice in this catholic and generous gesture by the pope and am overjoyed that these priests and their families will be welcomed into the Catholic Church. But that is not to say it won’t bring its own share of challenges.

My experience as a married Catholic priest for 28 years brings to mind several thoughts, both practical and spiritual. First, the church must support new priests’ families financially. During my first years as a married Catholic priest, there were times when we could not pay the heating bill. When I was ordained, it was made quite clear to me that I should not look to the church as my main source of income but rather to a full-time job outside of the church. My parish duties have thus always been secondary.

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Anglican Ordinariate For U.S, To Be Established January 1; Bishop Kevin Vann, Delegate

Kevin W. Vann.jpgAt the general assembly of the US Bishops today, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, DC, announced the Vatican appointment of Bishop Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of Fort Worth Texas, to be the Ecclesiastical Delegate for the Pastoral Provision (in effect since 1981). Vann succeeds Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark. Vann will oversee the  the formation and admittance of former Anglican clergy to the Roman Church. He will work closely with Cardinal Wuerl who has oversight of the temporary church structure of the Anglican Ordinariate in the USA.

Bishop Vann writes about the work on his blog.

January 1, 2012 is the date slated for the establishment of the new American, Personal Ordinariate for former Anglican Clergy and people coming into full communion with the Rome Church. The official name of the Ordinariate has not been announced.

You may be interested in “Anglicanorum Coetibus: Questions and Answers.” It is quite helpful in terms of defining meaning, significance and timeline of events.
I’ve known Bishop Vann for some time and he’s an excellent choice for the good shepherd who will help the former Anglican clergy.

Fr Keith Newton introduced as new head of Ordinariate

Keith Newton presser.jpg

Saturday, January 15th not only saw the ordination of three former Anglican bishops as Roman Catholic Priests, but also one of them, Father Keith Newton, was appointed by the Holy See as the first Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Father Keith Newton’s press conference is heard here.

Vincent Nichols’ homily at the ordination of former Anglicans

Vincent Nichols UK.jpg

Many ordinations
have taken place in this Cathedral during the 100 years of its history. But
none quite like this. Today is a unique occasion marking a new step in the life
and history of the Catholic Church. This morning the establishment of the first
Personal Ordinariate under the provision of the Apostolic Constitution
Anglicanorum Coetibus‘ has been announced in our hearing. So I too salute John
Broadhurst, Andrew Burnham and Keith Newton who are to be the first priests of
the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. In particular I offer my prayers and
best wishes to Keith, chosen by the Holy Father to be its first Ordinary.

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Cardinal Levada’s letter read at Westminster Cathedral

My Dear Brothers
and Sisters in Christ,

William Levada.jpg

The Ordination to the Priesthood of our three friends,
Andrew Burnham, John Broadhurst and Keith Newton, is an occasion of great joy
both for them and for the wider Church. I had very much wished to be present
with you in Westminster Cathedral today in order to demonstrate my own personal
support for them as they make this important step. Unfortunately, however, a
long standing commitment of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to
meet with the Bishops and theologians of India in Bangalore has meant that I am
unable to be in London today. I am very happy, therefore, to have the
opportunity of sending this message and am grateful to Archbishop Nichols for
agreeing to represent me and for his willingness to deliver my best wishes.

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