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Msgr. James Moroney talks about new Missal translation

James P. Moroney.jpgIn some corners of the church world the sacred Liturgy is a very neuralgic topic. But it does not need to be painful. There are those who will complain about anything and they doing just that over the forthcoming new translations of the 2002 Roman Missal due to be published on the First Sunday of Advent 2011. The 2002 Missal was published in Latin by Pope John Paul II and it needed to be translated. Today, the Worcester Telegram published a benign and positive with a few good details about the translations.

Monsignor James P. Moroney, is a wonderful man and a great priest. He’s a priest of the Diocese of Worcester, MA, and is currently the Rector of the Cathedral of Saint Paul; Moroney was the head of the US Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship for several years and he continues to serve as the executive secretary of Vox Clara, the Vatican committee appointed to oversee the liturgical translations.
Today’s article on Monsignor Moroney is here.

A “new liturgical movement” according to Pope Benedict

Some may have heard the idea “the new liturgical movement” used nowadays to describe a recovery of the sacred Liturgy that understands a continuity in the Liturgy that has existed through the ages and not just made up by scholars and hacks. John Allen explores the origin of this idea according to the thinking of Pope Benedict in a brief NCR article, “What Benedict means by a ‘new liturgical movement.’

I would also recommend the book referenced by John Allen, Milestones. It is necessary reading for all sorts of things, not just trying to understand Joseph Ratzinger.

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