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The Syriac Catholic Church in North America

Referring to the Catholic Church as missionary may seem odd to some people. We don’t think of the Church in terms of being missionary, yet we are. To refer to a Catholic diocese in North America as a “mission diocese” may even rest uneasily on some ears. But both statements are true: the Catholic Church is missionary and there are some dioceses in North America that are mission dioceses. The Church always proposes the eternal truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and that the Church He founded is His extension of love and mercy in history.

The presence of the Syriac Catholic Church in North America is a mission diocese (eparchy in church-speak when referencing an Eastern Catholic jurisdiction). The headquarters here is the Eparchy of Our Lady of Deliverance of Newark.

Eastern Catholic bishops USA 2012.jpg

NJ.com carried a story by Father Alexander Santora today, “Syriac Catholic bishop is a very busy man,” covers a lot of ground in acquainting us with this particular Church which is not a mere rite, but fully in communion with the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI.
As a Catholic jurisdiction established by Pope John Paul II in 1995, with Bishop Joseph Younan as the first eparch –who has since 2009 been the Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church– and now governed by Bishop Joseph Habash, 61, as the second bishop.
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Keeping the mission in front us

Fr Herald CFR.jpegMissions to help people find their true humanity and to know the mercy of Christ and friends, always needs our personal attention: friendship, prayers & study and financial assistance. Can I get you thinking about the foreign missions by personally undertaking some work to know the good work of missionaries and the work of the Holy Spirit? 

Consider this blog post a seed planted: make a plan to go to the missions for period of time (even for a week), support a project with friendly letters, human contact and financial support and most certainly with your prayer to the Saints Francis Xavier, Therese of Lisieux and Josephine Bahkita for their intercession before God’s throne.

In all the consider you make, perhaps you may want to pray the Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Feeling a call to serve as a missionary in the Sudan, one of Africa’s incredibly poor countries, Father Herald Joseph Brock, CFR asked his superiors if he could serve the Church in Sudan. With tremendous generosity of the Friars of the Renewal and friends, Father Herald is rocking on… Father Herald writes a blog, “CFR Sudan Mission,” to keep friends engaged in his projects.

Making donations to the Franciscan Mission Outreach –CFR Sudan Mission can be done here. Last September I made a plea for help for the Mission.

37 killed for being Christian

cross detail3.jpgLiving and dying in Christ in 2009 was way too common.
Especially the dying part.  Pope
Benedict’s Christmas homily notes that “The Church everywhere proclaims the
Gospel of Christ, despite persecutions, discriminations, attacks and at times hostile
indifference. These, in fact, enable her to share the lot of her Master and
Lord.” Many of the 37 people killed this past year met hostility for their
acceptance of Christ as Savior, others were easy targets because they were
priests or nuns or in some way connected with the Church. Being killed for
being Christian is not the same as saying the 37 were martyrs for the faith.
Some may be legitimate martyrs, but not all.

Those who died:

Fr Joseph
Bertaina, of the Consolata Missionaries, killed January 16, 2009, Langata,

Fr Eduardo de la Fuente Serrano, 61, killed February 14, 2009, Havana,

Fr Juan Gonzalo Aristizabal Isaza, 62, killed February 22, 2009, Medellin,

Fr Daniel Matsela Mahula, 34, killed February 27, 2009, Jouberton,
South Africa

Fr Lionel Sham, 66, killed March 7, 2009, Mohlakeng, South Africa

Révocat Gahimbare, killed March 8, 2009, Karuzi, Burundi

Fr Gabriel Fernando
Montoya Tamayo, 40 & Fr Jesús Ariel Jiménez, 45, Redemptorists, killed
March 16, 2009, La Primavera, Colombia

Fr Ramiro Luden, 64, killed March 20,
2009, Recife, Brazil

Fr Lorenzo Rosebaugh, 74, Missionary Oblates of Mary
Immaculate, killed May 18, 2009, lta Verapaz, Guatemala

Fr Ernst Plöchl, 78,
Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill, killed May 31, 2009 Cape
Province, South Africa

Mr Jorge Humberto Echeverri Garro, 40, killed June 11,
2009, Colonos, Panama Arauca, Colombia

Fr Habacuc Benítez Hernández, 39, and
Seminarians Oregon Eduardo Benitez, 19, and Silvestre Gonzalez Cambron, 21,
killed June 13, 2009, Tierra Caliente, Guerrero, Mexico

Fr Gisley Azevedo
Gomes, 31, Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ, killed
June 15, 2009, Brazlandia, Brasilia

Fr Mariano Arroyo Merino, 74, killed July
13, 2009, Shrine of Our Lady of the Rule, Cuba

Mr Ricky Sukaka Agus, 27,
Caritas worker, killed July 15, 2009, Musezero, North Kivu, DR of Congo

Fr Mukalel James, 39, killed July 30, 2009, Mangalore, Karnataka,

Fr Leopoldo Cruz, Redemptorist, killed August 24, 2009, El Salvador

Cecilio Lucero, Filipino, 48, killed September 6, 2009, Northern Samar
province, Philippines

Fr Roger Ruvoletto, 52, Fidei Donum missionary, killed September
19, 2009, Manaus, Brazil

Fr Evaldo Martiol, 33, killed September 26, 2009,
Santa Caterina, Brazil

Fr Danilo Oscar Cardozo 57, killed September 27, 2009,
Villavicencio, Colombia

Mr William Quijano, 21, Community of St. Egidio in El
Salvador, September 28, 2009, Apopa, San Salvador

Fr Edward Hinds, 61, killed
October 24, 2009, Chatham, New Jersey

Fr Louis Jousseaume, 70, killed October
26, 2009, Tulle, France

Sr Marguerite Bartz, 64, Sisters of the Blessed
Sacrament, killed October 31/November 1, 2009, Navajo, New Mexico

Fr Hidalberto
Henrique Guimaraes, 48, killed November 7, 2009, Maceió, Brazil

Fr Miguel Angel
Hernandez, 45, Capuchin Franciscan, killed November 8, 2009, Ocotepeque
Honduras, and found dead in a province of eastern Guatemala

Fr Jean Gaston
Buli, killed on November9/10 2009, Bunia, DR of Congo

Daniel Cizimya Nakamaga, 51, killed December 6, 2009, Kabare, DR of Congo

Fr Louis Blondel, 70, Missionaries of Africa, killed December
6 /7, 2009, Pretoria, South Africa

Sr Denise Kahambu Muhayirwa, 44,
Trappistine, killed December 7, 2009, Murhesa, DR of Congo

Jeremiah Roche, Society of St. Patrick for Foreign Missions, killed December
10/11, 2009, Kericho, Kenya

Fr Alvino Broering, 46, killed December 14, 2009,
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Fr Emiro Jaramillo Cardenas, 73, killed on December 20,
2009, Santa Rosa de Osos, Columbia

We are never very far from offering our
lives for Christ. The day after Christmas we observe the feast of the first
martyr, Saint Stephen, a deacon and one of the seven chosen to serve the
Church. In his Angelus address Pope Benedict recalled for us that

witness, like that of the Christian martyrs, shows our fellow men and women, so
often distracted and disoriented, in whom they must place their trust in order
to give meaning to life.
The martyr is, in fact, the person who dies in the
certainty of being loved by God and, placing nothing before love for Christ,
knows he has chosen the better part
. Fully identifying himself with the death
of Christ, he realizes that he is a life-giving seed that opens the way for
peace and hope in the world. Today, presenting us St. Stephen the Deacon as a
the Church is also showing us that acceptance and love for the poor is
one of the privileged ways to live the Gospel and to bear credible witness
before the world of the Kingdom of God that is to come
. (Angelus, December 26,

Rome Reports filed this story.

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