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The Marriage Reality: How are you so engaged? Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers speaks at the Siena Forum for Faith and Culture

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The Siena Forum for Faith and Culture (NYC) has been running a series on Marriage this year. The Year of Marriage began with Dr. Jim Healy from the Joliet Diocese and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of the Archdiocese of Portland was recently at the Siena Forum.

Two more presentations on Marriage will be on March 10 with Frank Hannigan from the Archdiocese of Chicago and on April 21 with Father Jordan Kelly, OP.

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, ordained for service in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has a ministry of evangelzation where he roams the USA speaking on faith, culture, Marriage. he was invited by the Siena Forum to speak on the importance of our preparation for Marriage today. The Deacon is a native of Newark, he’s an Oblate of Saint Benedict and a married man with 4 children.

NET TV’s interview with Deacon Burke-Sivers and participants can be viewed here.

Joseph Ratzinger’s “The pastoral approach to marriage should be founded on truth”

From a little known text by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger published in 1998

The pastoral approach to marriage should be founded on truth

Concerning some objections to the Church’s teaching on the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried members of the faithful

In 1998 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, introduced the volume entitled “On the Pastoral Care of the Divorced and Remarried,” published by the Libreria in the CDF’s series (“Documenti e Studi”, 17). Because of its current interest and breadth of perspective, we reproduce below the third part along with the addition of three notes. The text was published today by L’Osservatore Romano.

The Letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of 14 September 1994 concerning the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried members of the faithful was met with a very lively response across wide sections of the Church. Along with many positive reactions, more than a few critical voices were also heard. The fundamental objections against the teaching and practice of the Church are outlined below in simplified form.

Several of the more significant objections – principally, the reference to the supposedly more flexible practice of the Church Fathers which would be the inspiration for the practice of the Eastern Churches separated from Rome, as well as the allusion to the traditional principles of epicheia and of aequitas canonica – were studied in-depth by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Articles by Professors Pelland, Marcuzzi and Rodriguez Luño 2, among others, were developed in the course of this study. The main conclusions of the research, which suggest the direction of an answer to the objections, will be briefly summarized here.

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Siena Forum for Faith and Culture to host Dr James Healy on being marriage and still engaged

The Siena Forum for Faith and Culture is having a Year of Marriage beginning with an afternoon presentation on October 22, 2011, 1-4:30pm by Dr James Healy, Director of the Center for Family Ministry in the Diocese of Joliet. The title of Dr Healy’s presentation is “How to be Married and Stay Engaged.”

Other events in the series in this Year of Marriage include:
January 28, 2012: Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers on “Why is Marriage Prep So Important?”
March 10, 2012: Frank Hannigan on “Building a Real Marriage”
April 21, 2012: Fr Jordan J. Kelly, OP on “The Domestic Church: Formation for Today.”

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The True Meaning of Marriage

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Posted on his blog today, The Gospel in the Digital Age, Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan wrote a piece on meaning of marriage and family according to natural reason and Catholic belief. His Excellency makes several and crucial points that require our clear attention. A sound-bite understanding of these important issues is insufficient for us.

The stampede is on.  Our elected senators who have stood courageous in their refusal to capitulate on the state’s presumption to redefine marriage are reporting unrelenting pressure to cave-in.

The media, mainly sympathetic to this rush to tamper with a definition as old as human reason and ordered good, reports annoyance on the part of some senators that those in defense of traditional marriage just don’t see the light, as we persist in opposing this enlightened, progressive, cause.

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Friends wed today: Maureen and Andrew Walther

Friends wed today at Saint Mary’s Church (New Haven, CT). What a perfect day to go to a nuptial Mass to pray for friends as they wed each other with other friends. Maureen L. Hough and Andrew T. Walther are now husband and wife.

The Sacrifice of the Mass with the Rite of Marriage was celebrated by Dominican Father Paul J. Keller with the Schola Cantorum of Saint Mary’s. The Mass celebrated by Father Keller was beautiful and prayerful, doctrinal and sacred. Everything was fitting in order that God might be glorified. Maureen and Andrew chose today to wed because it was the closest day they could find to the great feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12). Both are close to Our Lady under this title. Maureen was beautifully dressed and Andrew wore a smart tux.

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