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Slow, deliberate steps of renewal for Legion of Christ

The eyes of many are looking for signs of renewal, restructuring, reform of the Legion of Christ following the very unsavory revelations of the founder’s life as a priest and sexual and financial abuses. Father Marcial Maciel founded the Congregation of the Legion of Christ in 1941, died in 2008. There was a papal takeover in 2009 with Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, CS, as the Pope’s delegate. In February, the Legion will be begin a several year series of community-wide conversations and the “revision process.” The saga continues; wounds not yet healed; suffering not yet connected with the Sacrifice of the Cross.

Recent news of the Legion is here, here and here.

Legion of Christ ordains 61 priests

Legion of Christ ordination 2010.jpgOn Christmas eve morning, Cardinal Valasio De Paolis, CS, the pontifical delegate for the Legion of Christ, ordained 61 new priests on Christmas eve at Saint Paul outside the Walls. The Most Reverends Brian Farrell, LC and Paolo Schiavon, respectively from the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity and auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Rome, concelebrated. 

Among the 61 ordained 7 from the USA, 3 from Canada and 28 from Mexico.
Priestly ordinations in the Legion of Christ typically happen on Christmas eve so that on Christmas day the newly ordained priest celebrates his first Mass of Thanksgiving on the great feast of the Incarnation.

The Legion of Christ’s news on the ordinations is here.
Here’s the story on Rome Reports

Legion of Christ orders changes

Legion of Christ logo.JPG

The Legion of Christ in recent days has been making some changes to its way of proceeding. The other day, for example, the pontifical delegate Cardinal Velasio de Paolis, CS, named the committee that will examine and re-write the congregation’s constitutions (Fathers Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ, Agostino Montan, CSI, and 4 LC priests –Roberto Aspe Hinojosa, Anthony Bannon, José García Sentandreu and Gabriel Sotres).
On December 6 but made public on the 11th, a decree was sent to the order’s superiors regarding the following:
  • a new way of referring to Father Marcial Maciae: either as “the founder of the Legion of Christ & Regnum Christi” or just “Father Maciel”;
  • photos of Father Maciel in public places are to be removed but given personal freedom, individuals are free to keep his image privately;
  • no dates concerning Father Maciel will be celebrated; the date of his death with be a day of prayer;
  • Father Maciel’s writings and talks will not be for sale in any of the congregation’s houses or works but a preacher may use Maciel’s works appropriately;
  • the place of internment of Father Maciel will be treated as a place of burial, nothing else;
  • retreat centers in Cotija will be places of prayer, reparation  and expiation of sin.

The Associated Press is running this story today, which does add more to the news release of the congregation but it does show the news is getting around.

As always, we beg the Holy Spirit to guide the seminarians in the discernment to follow the Lord in the vocation given.

Counsellors to assist Legion of Christ restructuring announced

Velasio de Paolis, C.S., the Pope’s delegate for the Congregation of the Legionaries
of Christ, announced the names his four counsellors who will assist him in
restructuring and renewing the Legion.

The counselors:

  • Father Agostino Montan
    C.S.I., episcopal vicar for religious life in the Diocese of Rome;
  • Monsignor Mario
    Marchesi, vicar general of the Diocese of Cremona, Italy;
  • Father Gianfranco
    Ghirlanda S.J., former rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University;
  • Bishop Brian Farrell, LC,  secretary of the Pontifical
    Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez Perez of
Valladolid, Spain, is the visitator for Regnum Christi.

Maciel’s ghost still won’t rest

Sandro Magister, a Rome-based Vaticanista, published an essay today on his blog, “Maciel’s Ghost Still Haunts the Castle” talking about the levels of challenge the Legionaries of Christ face, not least is the cult of personality of their founder, the late Father Marciel Maciel. Mr. Magister also includes a recently written letter of a priest of the Legion, Father Peter Byrne, LC, who exposes some of the dark side of his congregation. The anguish of this priest is well communicated.

As I mentioned previously, this is not a matter to rejoice in, but a responsibility we all share in with the building of the Kingdom of God. We ought to beg the Holy Spirit for the grace of conversion and renewal for the members of the Legion of Christ, particularly the novices and the seminarians, not to mention we ought to remember in prayer Archbishop De Paolis, CS, who is faced with making some rather difficult changes. It is possible for an old man to be reborn but it’s painful, especially without being sustained by the Spirit.

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