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Alvaro Corcuera, LC, steps aside as General Director of the Legion of Christ

Benedict receives Alvaro Corcuera.jpgIn a letter dated October 9, 2012 and released to the public today, (see below) to the priests and brothers of the Legion of Christ, the Regnum Christi Movement and the faithful who follow the Legion, Father Alvaro Corcuera, 55, has announced he is stepping aside as General Director. Health concerns are cited. All this in favor of handing governance to the Vicar of the congregation, Father Sylvester Heereman, 38, until the next General Chapter meets in late 2013 or early 2014.

No doubt the events in the Congregation and the Movement have been difficult for him. He deserves prayerful and fraternal support. Regardless of the Legion’s past, the malfeasance of the founder, Father Alvaro was obedient to the Church and bore the heat of the day. I am one who believes that a more radical surgical knife was needed to cure the disease in the Legion, and that will come in time. Much work has been done, thanks to Father Alvaro, and more will be done by the new administration and the forthcoming Chapter. As Cardinal de Paolis noted, being the major superior at this time was a burden and the term office may be too long for many today.
May Blessed John XXIII intercede with Jesus the Good Shepherd, pray for the Legion and the Church. Our duty is to pray, and work for meaningful change.

Father Corcuera’s Letter: Fr Corcuera resignation letter 2012.pdf
The Pontifical Delegate’s Letter: Cardinal Velasio De Paolis certification letter.pdf
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Legion of Christ forms commission on Maciel, expands Council

Legion of Christ logo.jpgThe ongoing reforms for the Legion of Christ to make it more user- friendly continue to be rolled out. The efforts of the Legion’s leadership which is overseen and directed by the papal delegate Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, CS, established a more transparent set of procedures by forming a commission to give objective results on legitimate concerns (see this link for detailed contact info) in dealing with Marciel Maciel’s sordid past in a honest and charitable manner. The Cardinal also expanded the superior general’s council (a set of advisors) from 4 to 6.

Opportunities for continuing dialogue with the Orthodox Church, Farrell says

In the middle of
the annual exercise of  prayer and
study for Christian Unity, the Vatican’s daily news paper,
L’Osservatore Romano,
interviewed Bishop Brian Farrell, LC, secretary of the Pontifical Council for
Promoting Christian Unity. The interviewer asked Bishop Farrell about problems
in the ecumenical quest with the Orthodox Church, and his answer is below.

are examining the crucial point of our differences on the Church’s structure
and way of being and operating: the question of the role of the Bishop of Rome
in the Church communion of the first millennium, when the Church in the West
and East was still united. After profound studies and discussions, the members
of the Theological Commission have come to realize the enormous difference
between the lived, assimilated, and narrated historical experience in Western
culture and the historical experience perceived in the Eastern vision of
. Every historical event is open to different interpretations. The
discussion has not led to a real convergence.

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EWTN to acquire National Catholic Register

NCR logo.jpgThe president and CEO of EWTN, Michael Warsaw sees the National Catholic Register is a perfect addition to their teaching apostolate. So they intend to purchase the newspaper from the Legion of Christ. The Legion has owned the 83 year old newspaper for 15 years. Yet another example of their fall from grace. The takeover happens February 1st.

Here’s the NCR story.

Slow, deliberate steps of renewal for Legion of Christ

The eyes of many are looking for signs of renewal, restructuring, reform of the Legion of Christ following the very unsavory revelations of the founder’s life as a priest and sexual and financial abuses. Father Marcial Maciel founded the Congregation of the Legion of Christ in 1941, died in 2008. There was a papal takeover in 2009 with Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, CS, as the Pope’s delegate. In February, the Legion will be begin a several year series of community-wide conversations and the “revision process.” The saga continues; wounds not yet healed; suffering not yet connected with the Sacrifice of the Cross.

Recent news of the Legion is here, here and here.

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