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The way of sanctity lies open to you

St Justin de Jacobis.jpgToday the Pontifical Ethiopian College enjoyed time
with Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion to mark the 150th anniversary of the
death of Saint Justin de Jacobis (1800-1860), patron of the College. The
Ethiopian College prepares men for priestly service in their home country. Part
of the Pope’s address was devoted to holiness. On holiness the Pope said:

“Sanctity lies at the very heart
of the ecclesial mystery; it is the vocation to which we are all called. Saints
are not some exterior ornamentation of the Church; rather, they are like the
flowers of a tree which testify to the endless vitality of the lymph flowing
through it
. It is good to see the Church like this, in ascension towards the
fullness of the ‘Vir perfectus’; in continual, demanding, progressive
maturation; dynamically driven towards complete fulfilment in Christ.”

Here is a minute’s worth of a video clip on the event. These are the same points the Pope has made to the rest of the Church since he ascended to the papacy and it is the very theme that Father Julián Carrón has called those of us who follow Communion and Liberation to heed.

New York Encounter 2011: 2nd annual event

NY Encounter logo.jpg

The NY Encounter: 4 Days of conferences, presentations, artistic presentations and exhibits
2 Locations:
Manhattan Center (Friday – Sunday, January 14-16, 2011)
311 West 34th Street at 8th Avenue, NY, NY 10001
New Yorker Hotel (Monday, January 17, 2010)
581 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, NY, NY 10001)
The New York Encounter intends to offer to a large audience opportunities for education, dialogue, and friendship through conferences, artistic performances, and exhibits. Its goal is to foster, in a friendly and welcoming setting, interest in the full spectra of reality and appreciation for what is beautiful, true, good, and worthwhile in various expressions of human life. This openness and desire are the one fruit of the education received in the Catholic Church.
The New York Encounter 2011 program: NY Encounter Program 2011.pdf

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Traces magazine

Traces December 2010.jpg

During this giving season, we hope you will consider
subscriptions for Traces magazine for your family, friends, and
associates. Traces (Litterae Communionis) is the official magazine of the international Movement of Communion and Liberation and it is published in several languages. This unique gift broadens our horizons of awareness and personal
conversion (conversion spoken of by Christ and strongly encouraged by Pope
Benedict XVI).

The articles in Traces encourages us to make an evaluation on history, literature, politics, education, medicine, law, science and
culture and describes our life in the Church in new and incisive
ways, ways which help us to be more fully engaged in our own lives and in the
society. Traces helps us life more fully our Catholic Faith. 

As Father Julián
Carrón, head of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (CL) suggested at a
meeting with CL leaders this summer in La Thuile (Italy): “You must take
the initiative that your life be pervaded by God because the substance of our
happiness is this infinite enormous Love  which inclined itself over our

Subscribe today … bringing the words and experiences of
“that which we hold most dear” into the hearts and homes of others!

more information, contact Suzanne at stanzi@clhac.com.


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The miracle we all await, Jesus, Father Julián Carrón says


Father Julián
Carrón, the head of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, gave this message for Christmas
. He writes from Milan, Italy.

In the mystery of the Incarnation, man and history

That Christianity
gives joy and breadth is also a thread that runs through my whole life.
Ultimately someone who is always only in opposition could probably not endure
life at all
” (Light of the World, part 1). These words of Benedict XVI
challenge us to ask ourselves what it means to be Christians today. Continuing
to believe simply out of devotion, habit, or tradition, withdrawing into one’s
shell, does not meet the challenge
. Similarly, reacting strongly and going on
the offensive in order to recover lost territory is insufficient
; the Pope even
says that it would be unendurable. 
Neither path -withdrawing from the world or opposing it- are capable of
arousing interest in Christianity, because neither respects what will always be
the canon of the Christian announcement: the Gospel. Jesus entered the world
with a capacity to attract that fascinated the people of His time
. As Péguy
said, “He did not waste His years groaning and demanding explanations of the
wickedness of the times. He cut through … making Christianity.” Christ
introduced into history a human presence so fascinating that anyone who ran
into it had to take it into consideration, had to reject it or accept it. No
one was left indifferent

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Communion & Liberation invites prayer for Iraqi Christians on Sunday

Thumbnail image for Fraternity CL Logo.JPGCommunion and Liberation follows the call of the
Italian bishops to pray Sunday, November 21 for the Christians of Iraq, “who
are suffering the tremendous trial of blood witness to the faith” (Final
communiqué of the Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference, November 11, 2010).

Movement invites all its members to participate in Mass according to the
intentions of Benedict XVI, who the day after the grave attack in the Syrian
Catholic cathedral of Baghdad that left dozens dead and wounded, said, “I pray
for the victims of this absurd violence, all the more savage because it struck
defenseless people gathered in God’s house, which is a house of love and
reconciliation. I also express my affectionate closeness to the Christian
community, struck once again, and encourage the pastors and faithful to be
strong and steady in hope. In the face of the heinous episodes of violence that
continue tearing the populations of the Middle East to pieces, I renew my
grieved call for peace: it is the gift of God, but also the result of the
efforts of people of good will, of national and international institutions. May
everyone join their strengths to put an end to all violence! (Comments after
the Angelus, November 1, 2010).

Addressing all members of Communion and
Liberation, Fr. Julián Carrón said that “participation in Sunday Mass according
to the intentions of the Pope and the bishops is a gesture of real communion
and charity because we feel that the Christians of Iraq are our friends, even
if we do not know them directly

As Fr. Giussani said, “If the sacrifice is
accepting the circumstances of life, as they happen, because they make us
correspondent, participants in the death of Christ, then sacrifice becomes the
keystone of all life […] but also the keystone for understanding the history of
. The entire history of man depends on that man dead on the cross, and I can
influence the history of man – I can influence the people who live in Japan
now, the people in danger at sea now; I can intervene to help the pain of the
women who lose their children now, in this moment – if I accept the sacrifice
that this moment imposes.” (L. Giussani, Is It Possible to Live This Way? Book
3: Charity
, McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 74-75.)

Iraqi Christians Pray Rosary.jpg
For this reason, added
Carrón, “if a gesture of prayer can influence the change of people in Japan, it
can also change something in Iraq. May the sacrifice we make for the Christians
of Iraq and Sunday’s prayer be a gesture with which we invoke, implore from God
protection for them.”

The Communion & Liberation Press Office
Milan, Italy
November 18, 2010

About the author

Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT, follows the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, and is an Oblate of Saint Benedict, works as a monastery farmer and a keeper of honey bees. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]yahoo.com.
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