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Arturo Sosa new Jesuit superior general

arturo-marcelino-sosa-abascalToday, under the power of the Holy Spirit, the 212 delegates of General Congregation 36 elected Jesuit Father Arturo Marcellino Sosa Abascal, 68, as the 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Father Sosa is a member of the Venezuelan Jesuit Province. 
Until now, Father General Sosa served as the Delegate for the Jesuit Curia Community and the Interprovincial Houses & Works in Rome. Moreover, his service included being the Father Provincial during the Chavez government, a university president, and as the coordinator of the social apostolate. Sosa earned a doctorate in Political Science.
Known as the Black Pope, Father Sosa is elected for life. However, the last two Generals resigned due to age (Nicolas and Kolvenbach) and one before that because of health (Arrupe).
Father Sosa succeeds Father Adolfo Nicolas who resigned due to age (80 years old). Since the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540 this is the 36th time for such a gathering of Jesuit leadership in a General Congregation (GC). The GC is only called to elect a new superior general and when the General decides that there are matters of greater moment to discuss for the good of the Church and the Society. At the end of 2015, there were 16,740 Jesuits in the world.
An interesting piece of news is that several superiors general are from the Americas at this time, among others: Jesuit (Venezuela), Benedictine Abbot Primate (USA), the Benedictine Abbot President of the Subiaco Cassinese Congregation (Colombia), Franciscan (USA), Daughter of Charity (USA), Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (USA), the Legion of Christ (Mexico)… not to be toped by by Pope Francis. The Americas make a significant contribution to the life of the Church at this time in history.

Jesuit General to resign

Pope Francis and Adolfo NicolasFather Adolfo Nicolas, SJ, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, plans to submit his resignation in late 2016. He has the approval of Pope Francis. Father Nicolas, 78, is citing his advanced age. He was elected to head the Society of Jesus on 19 January 2008.
This is a surprise announcement that does not represent a good discernment, unless there are other issues, other and age, at play that we are not privy to hear.
Nicolas wrote to the whole Society today: “Several years have passed since my election as Superior General of the Society and I have recently reached the age of 78. Reflecting on the coming years, I have reached the personal conviction that I should take the needed steps towards submitting my resignation to a General Congregation. After obtaining the initial approval of the Assistants ad providentiam and having informed his Holiness Pope Francis, I formally consulted the Assistants ad providentiam and the Provincials, as our law requires (NC 362). The result of the consultation is favorable towards the convening of a General Congregation.”
According to the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus state, Father Nicolas has convoked a General Congregation of Jesuits –the 36th since 1540 to elect his successor “during the final months of 2016.”
Until the General Congregation accepts his resignation, Nicolas remains Superior General.  The successor will be elected and approved by the Roman Pontiff.
The last Jesuit to resign was Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the 29th General who served from 1983-2008, who succeeded the Servant of God Father Pedro Arrupe.

Jesuit priest murdered in Homs Syria

Jesuit Father Alex Bassili, socius to the Provincial of the Jesuits in Middle East Province, reported earlier today, Monday, April 7, 2014, at about 8 am, Jesuit Father Frans van der Lugt was been abducted by armed men, who beat him and then murdered with two bullets in the head, in front of the Jesuit residence in Homs, Syria.

Vatican Radio reports

Father Frans van der Lugt (April 10, 1938-April 7, 2014) was born in the Netherlands and entered the Society of Jesus in 1959.

He was missioned to Syria for the last 50 years working in education as a psychologist and in a project for handicapped people. With the Syrian civil war Father wanted to remain with the local population in the Centre of Homs as a man of peace.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace pray for Father Frans van der Lugt.
Saint Ignatiius, pray for us.

Jesuit spies!!!???

Jesuit spies

Matt Malone interviewed on the remaking of America [magazine]

Matthew Malone SJFather Matthew Malone, SJ, was interviewed by Basilian Father Thomas Rosica of Salt + Light TV. Rosica’s very good work in the new evangelization with S+L’s Witness program.

Father Malone speaks about his vocation, his work as the Editor-in-Chief of America magazine –and its remaking, Jesus Christ, the missionary dimension of the Jesuits, Ignatian spirituality, ecclesiology, theological discourse, Truth, and much more.

As Malone rightly says, the Jesuits at America House have a Catholic ministry that bears witness to the Catholic faith published a magazine (since 1909) and a website.

Watch the Malone interview here.

In light of the recent papal election, the Society of Jesus is now in great view to explain the world to the Church and the Church to the world. Rosica draws our awareness of what the Jesuits are meant to be, and how they are

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