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The Siena Forum for Faith and Culture (NYC) has been running a series on Marriage this year. The Year of Marriage began with Dr. Jim Healy from the Joliet Diocese and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of the Archdiocese of Portland was recently at the Siena Forum.

Two more presentations on Marriage will be on March 10 with Frank Hannigan from the Archdiocese of Chicago and on April 21 with Father Jordan Kelly, OP.

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, ordained for service in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has a ministry of evangelzation where he roams the USA speaking on faith, culture, Marriage. he was invited by the Siena Forum to speak on the importance of our preparation for Marriage today. The Deacon is a native of Newark, he’s an Oblate of Saint Benedict and a married man with 4 children.

NET TV’s interview with Deacon Burke-Sivers and participants¬†can be viewed here.