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Saint Berard and companions, Franciscan protomartyrs, Martyrs of Morocco

Lord God, You sanctified the beginnings of the Order of Friars Minor by the glorious struggle of Your holy martyrs Berard and companions. As they did not hesitate to give up their lives for You so may we bear staunch witness to You by our lives.

Saint Berard was the superior of Vitalis, Berard, Peter, Accursius, Adjutus, and Odo, missionaries to Morocco whom we celebrate today. They were martyred on this date in 1220. Saint Francis upon hearing of his brother’s deaths was reported to have said, “Now I can truly say that I have five Friars Minor!” The translation of the relics in the 15th century prompted Saint Anthony of Padua to leave the Augustinian Canons and join the Franciscans.

Blessed Odoric Matiussi of Pordenone

Bl Odoryk Pordenone.jpgHow beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the man who bring tidings of peace, joy and salvation.

God our Father, through the apostolic ministry of blessed Odoric You made Your Church grow, shedding the light of the Gospel on many oriental peoples. Grant us through his prayers to stand fast in the faith and to remain constant in the hope of the gospel which he preached.
This Franciscan Friar is remembered for his preaching the Gospel in the far reaches of Asia. History also tells us that he traveled on diplomatic missions in China, India and Mongolia. He was well-known and appreciated by the laity. Blessed Odoric ranks just behind Marco Polo for his travel in foreign lands and understanding other cultures. He wrote of his explorations which are preserved in as many as 73 manuscripts.

Saint Bernard of Corleone

BernardCorleone.jpgHe humbled himself in all things and found favor with God. Great is the power of God; by the humble he is glorified.

God, our Father, You have given us Saint Bernard as a wonderful example of penance and of Christian virtues. By the power of Your Spirit make us firm in faith and effective in our work.

Saint Thomas of Cori

St Thomas of Cori.jpg

John Paul II called Saint Thomas “the living image of the Good Shepherd” who “meditated upon and incarnated in his life the Gospel requirement of poverty and of self-giving to God and neighbor.”

Saint Thomas’s brief biography may be read here.

Blessed Angela of Foligno

Bl Angela of Foligno.jpgPraise to the holy woman whose home is built on faithful love and whose pathway leads to God.

Almighty God, You caused blessed Angela to excel in contemplating the mysteries of Your Son. Through he merits and prayers may we share in the same mysteries on earth and rejoice exultantly in the revelation of Your glory.
A 13th century third order Franciscan, Blessed Angela, gave her life to Christ based on a vision she had had of Saint Francis and after living a wild, and some would say sinful life. She was a wife, mother and a leader of other lay people who followed the Franciscan Rule for the laity.
Blessed Angela is the patron against sexual temptation, against the death of children, people ridiculed for their piety and widows. She is often depicted receiving Holy Communion from the Lord, or in the case of the image here, from an angel of the Lord (given her name, “Angela”).
The observance of the feast has had a number of changes: some calendars note her feast day as January 4th or March 30th, but the current Ordo has her liturgical memorial listed today.
An Italian website on Blessed Angela

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