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Saint Conrad of Parzham

St Conrad of parzham.jpgAsk and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you, says the Lord, alleluia.

Merciful God, through the service of Saint Conrad You were pleased to open wide to the faithful the portal of mercy. May we pursue his spirit of poverty and humility of heart in serving our brothers [and sisters].
Saint Conrad was known to focus his life by the rule of charity in and out of the Capuchin friary. His daily goal was to remain in the presence of God striving to be free of sin and in constant conversation with God. Hence his devotion to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which he spent every free moment doing. The 11 Resolutions of a Novice, from which some of these ideas come, are his maxims to orient one’s behavior toward the Holy. Besides Mass which was his greatest joy, Conrad had great devotion to the Crucified Lord and Our Lady of Sorrows. Of the latter, he promoted devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by distributing rosaries to those whom he encountered in the porter’s lounge or on the street.
Saint Conrad is the patron saint of doorkeepers, one of the most important jobs in any home or institution.

Saint Peter Regalado

The upright live forever, their reward is with the Lord and the Most High has them in His care.

Father, You lifted up and enflamed Saint Peter Regalado with the gifts of heaven. Through his loving intercession and by the example of his mortified life, may we come to eternal blessedness with all Your holy ones.

From a wealthy family and having lived in an era of history making (the Western Schism), Peter entered the Conventual Franciscans but later joined a reformed group of Franciscan friars. He inspired and educated his brother Franciscans by his life. He lived with significant mortifications; his biographers note that Peter lived with hunger, subsisting on bread and water. Solitude and a devoted life are key aspects of Saint Peter Regalado’s life.
His body is incorrupt. In some places Saint Peter’s feast day is May 13.

Blessed Diego José of Cádiz

Bl Diego Joseph Cadiz.jpgO God, who did endow Thy blessed confessor, Diego,
with the science of the saints and didst work wonders through him for the
salvation of his people, grant us through his intercession to think those
things that are right and just, so that we may arrive safely at the kingdom of
Thy glory.

The wiki article on Blessed Diego

According to the OFM liturgical ordo Blessed Diego’s memorial is observed on January 6 but other liturgical sources note his feast is on March 24.

Blessed Angela Salawa

Bl Angela Salawa.jpgIn Scripture and the Liturgy we read: “Come, blessed of my Father, says the Lord: I was ill and you comforted me. I tell you, anything you did for one of my brothers, you did it for me.”

Let us pray with the Church:

Lord God, You teach us that the commandments of heaven are summarized in love of You and of our neighbor. By following the example of blessed Angela, the virgin, in practicing the works of charity may we be counted among the blessed in Your kingdom.

Blessed Angela’s life (1881-1922) is striking because of its simplicity and the felt sense of love. Some parts of her family history, though, was tough: she was the youngest child of nine brothers, often undernourished, weak and sick, she was unruly and capricious. Angela received some schooling and learned to read, but spelling was not a skill she could take pride in. Angela learned to be a pious woman and in time she was eager to read good book. By her late teenage years, she entered to the Association of Saint Zita (caring for sick people.)

Little by little she understood that her vocation was to suffer with Christ, and accept it resolutely, but conscious of its weakness. She spent many hours in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and read books of spiritual depth, taking copious notes. By order of her confessor, Angela began to make notes of the mystical experiences. When one of the people she was looking after died, interpersonal difficulties with the deceased’s family surfaced for Angela. She wrote that it feels suddenly that Jesus says to her: “Daughter, why do you worry? I have not left to you.”
In order to follow more closely Christ crucified and poor, she joined the Secular Franciscan Order on March 15, 1912, and she professed vows on 6 August 1913. As a lay woman consecrated to Christ living under the Rule of Saint Francis for the Laity, Angela is an example to all of us that obstacles can be overcome with grace.

At her 1991 beatification in Kraków, Pope John Paul II said: “It is in this city that she worked, that she suffered and that her holiness came to maturity. While connected to the spirituality of St. Francis, she showed an extraordinary responsiveness to the action of the Holy Spirit” (L’Osservatore Romano, 34.4, 1991).

Saint John Joseph of the Cross

St John Joseph of the Cross.jpg

He was in prayer and even spent the night praying and giving

Father, You raised Your servant Saint John Joseph of the Cross through
the rugged way of poverty, humility and patience to heavenly glory. Grant us
the grace to follow his example so as to share in eternal joy

Saint John
Joseph comes from the island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples. Some might say
it is better than Capri. Virtuous from his earliest days he followed the path
set by Saint Peter of Alcantara -the same person who was a spiritual father to
Saint Teresa of Jesus– who developed a strict observant Franciscan fraternity
which emphasized contemplation and penance. John Joseph was such an exemplary friar
that he was asked to be ordained a priest and to make Franciscan foundations.
In time he was appointed both master of novices and provincial superior. His
humility endeared him to others; he insisted on menial tasks even though he had noble birth and positions of influence. John Joseph was zealous for souls and it is
reported that he had the gift of prophecy and healing. As an insightful
confessor John Joseph would encourage people to pray, live simply and be
devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

More on Saint John Joseph can be read here.

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