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John Corapi leads a double life, SOLT explains

The past few weeks have proved to be a most confusing time trying to figure out the assertions made against the “former Father John Corapi” now taking a leave from ministry. Today, a “Press Release
Concerning Fr John Corapi from SOLT Regional Priest Servant” was released. It is a disturbing piece of information but something that deserves our time, patience and prayer. Someone accused me of misjudging Corapi when the allegations surfaced; my only response is that it is possible that a former addict could have a relapse.  We need to exhibit Christian forgiveness and beg God for His Mercy. We need to beg the Holy Spirit to warm John Corapi’s heart to return to the regular observance of his vowed religious life. Here’s the text:

From: Rev.
Gerard Sheehan, SOLT Regional Priest Servant Society of Our Lady of the Most
Holy Trinity Robstown, Texas

Fr. John A. Corapi
submitted his resignation from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity
(“SOLT”) early in June. SOLT is a Society of Apostolic Life of
Diocesan Right with its regional office in Robstown, Texas.

While SOLT does
not typically comment publicly on personnel matters, it recognizes that Fr.
John Corapi, through his ministry, has inspired thousands of faithful
Catholics, many of whom continue to express their support of him. SOLT also
recognizes that Fr. Corapi is now misleading these individuals through his
false statements and characterizations. It is for these Catholics that SOLT, by
means of this announcement, seeks to set the record straight.

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John Corapi takes a break from priesthood

Fr J Corapi.jpgIn the past days the story of Father John Corapi’s taking a break from the Catholic priesthood has been circulating. In the meantime, read the current news of Father Corapi, 64, on his blog, The Black Sheep Dog.

Distressing indeed and a situation that requires guidance from the Holy Spirit. So, pray to Saints Padre Pio and John Neumann and John Mary Vianney for their intercession.
Corapi’s account of the situation and the process of investigation for innocence (or guilt) is too problematic. The problem with the case is not with Father Corapi –yet there are questions that persist– but in the process of coming to truth. Or so it seems.
May the Most Trinity, shower grace on us.
UPDATE: read “Father Corapi’s Bombshell” by Joan Frawley Desmond
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Fr Corapi’s accusations are unsubstantiated

The truth is coming out…slowly, that is, about Fr John Corapi’s case. An angry former employee of Fr Corapi’s publishing house wanted to take-down her former employers, including Corapi.

The problem remains: the process of investigation for such cases is wrong and insufficient when false accusations are made. What will the  Bishop of Corpus Christi do to restore the good name of Fr John Corapi? Will he be working to restore Corapi’s good name and income if and when the  case is closed (and in favor of Corapi)? Doubtful. Bishops rarely admit they are wrong.

Read the statement here. Thank for honest people!
Per usual, beg the Holy Spirit for guidance and a quick resolution to this case.

Fr Corapi updated

Fr Corapi’s life hangs in the balance and a matter of justice relevant info should be known. Pat Archbold from the NC Register has this update.

Two things that need to be considered: we ought to be careful about making the man a saint before his time even if he’s made a change of life and done an excellent job in teaching the faith; it is possible that he’s fallen off the wagon. People with addictions do relapse.

Continued prayers.

Fr Corapi placed on administrative leave

Father Corapi .jpgThe sad news of Fr Corapi being placed on administrative leave is making the rounds. His own testimony of the facts is noted here.

Let us pray that Saint Joseph will intercede before his son and our redeemer, Jesus Christ, for a quick resolution. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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