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Blessed Sebastian Maggi

Bl Sebastian Maggi.jpeg

Strengthened by holy intercession, O Sebastian, Confessor of
the Lord, those here present , that we who are burdened the weight of our
offenses. Maybe relieved by the glory of thy blessedness, and may thy guidance
attain eternal rewards

God of faithfulness, you made Blessed Sebastian and
outstanding example of evangelical perfection and truth. By following his
example may we enter the path to perfect charity and deepen the life of the
spirit through penance and so obtain your glory and eternal life.

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Blessed John of Vericelli

Blessed John Vercelli.jpg

God of power and mercy, you made Blessed John an outstanding promoter of the Order of Preachers. By his remarkable zeal, his wonderful prudence and his courage, and with the help of his prayers may your family always and everywhere be governed by beneficial rule.

A brief bio about Blessed John.

And how are making the Holy Name of Jesus better known today?

Blessed Margaret of Savoy

of holiness, you taught Blessed Margaret to leave the royal court and to follow
you in humility. Following her example may we learn to cherish what is divine
and to overcome all adversities through love of your cross.

A paragraph on Blessed Margaret

Blessed James Benefatti

God, you established Blessed James as a model for your flock and made him
renowned for his zeal for peace and for his mercy towards your people. By his
prayers and example may we be united in the truth of your word and ever ardent
in your divine love.

Saint Albert the Great

St Albert the Great.jpg

learned will shine like the brilliance of the firmament, and those who train
many in the ways of justice will sparkle like the stars for all eternity.

of truth, you endowed our brother Albert with the gift of combining human
wisdom with divine faith. May the pursuit of all human knowledge lead to a
greater knowledge and love of you.

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