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Blessed Peter Gonsalez

Almighty God, you bestowed the singular help of
Blessed Peter on those in peril from the sea. By the help of his prayers may
the light of your grace shine forth in all the storms of this life and enable
us to find the harbor of everlasting salvation.

Dominican friar and priest Blessed Peter was Spanish being born at the end of the 12th century. Ordained as a secular priest, Peter asked for the habit of the Friars Preachers and was known for his humility, prayer and service to his neighbor. Sailors call upon Blessed Peter as “Saint Elmo” and is invoked by travelers on difficult seas, especially missionaries traveling by such.

Blessed Margaret of Castello

Bl Margaret Castello.jpgCompassionate God, you gave your divine light to
Blessed Margaret who was blind from birth, that with the eye of her heart she
might contemplate you alone. Be the light of our eyes that we may turn from
what is evil and reach the home of never-ending light.

One of the great draws to Blessed Margaret is that holiness is not only found in those perceived to be “perfect” people. Quite the opposite. In Margaret, a lay Dominican sister, we a woman who gave her life to the Lord through the Dominican charism being particularly devoted to prayer and charitable work despite the fact that she was not like other people. God had blessed her in other ways. Blessed Margaret was born blind, lame, deformed and was a hunchback midget. She was abandoned by her parents after not getting their way with God. Blessed Margaret is incorrupt.

Among the things Blessed Margaret is vigilant against is poverty, destitution, and forms of injustice shown toward those living with physical handicaps. She is supportive of those people rejected by religious orders because of physical handicaps and works in favor of Pro-Life issues.

Saint Vincent Ferrrer

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the
those who bring glad tidings of peace, joy and salvation.

Almighty and
ever-living God, you taught us through the preaching of Saint Vincent to run
the path to our heavenly home in expectation of the Savior. With the help of
his prayers may we be fervent in labor and in love and seek no lasting city
here below, but an eternal dwelling place to come.

Blessed Anthony Neyrot

Bl Anthony Neyrot.jpeg



Loving God, you called Blessed Anthony back to the light of your truth and made him an illustrious martyr. May we learn from his trials and by our self-denial come to love you above all things with all our heart.

Blessed John of Fiesole –Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico2.jpgO Lord, teach me your way that I may walk in your truth; direct my heart that I may fear your name. I will give thanks to you with all my heart, O Lord my God, and I will glorify your name forever.

God of eternal beauty, you inspired Fra Angelico as an artist at the service of your truth. May we delight in the beauty of his work and rejoice in the glory of your creation.

Blessed John of Fiesole, known in history as a Blessed Angelico has captured the Catholic and human imagination generations of people through his magnificent painting of the Mystery of Faith and the life of man and woman. He was born in Tuscany c 1386/7 and died in Rome in 1455 at the Priory of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. He was an artist, superior in the Dominicans, promoter of the regular observance of the Dominican way of life and commission by Pope Eugene IV and Pope Nicholas V to decorate rooms in the Vatican and the Basilica of Saint Peter. He is said to have refused the archbishopric offered to him by Pope Eugene deferring to Saint Antoninus. We pray for artists and those who want to live the Dominican way of life with integrity.

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