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THE well-dressed student in NYC

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Kyle Fertig was one of 1.1 million students who began school in New York yesterday. He’s likely to be voted THE well-dressed student of the school system.
Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for our students.

Irene redecorates Rt. 106 Vermont

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The Reoccurring Dream: Calculus is easy??!!!

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Siena Forum for Faith and Culture to host seminar on liturgy and chant

Missal and Chant flyer.jpg

St Basil’s Cathedral at 450

google st basils cathedral.jpg

The famously beautiful Cathedral of Saint Basil’s in Moscow’s “Red Square” marks its 450th birthday. The origins of the church date back to the 14th century and is dedicated to the Trinity, but the structure really shows several churches linked together. The one currently known was built by Ivan the Terrible in 1554, the church’s domes are an icon really to the Blessed Virgin Mary and later named popularly to recall the life of a local saint, Basil.

Google commemorates this history. Rome Reports has a video story.

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