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Cardinal Dolan explains his invites to Al Smith Dinner

There’s been a lot of posturing –let alone misinformation– about the recent revelation that the Cardinal of New York, Timothy M. Dolan, invited the US President to the famed Al Smith Dinner. He wants to be inclusive, open to dialogue, and helpful in trying to inform politicos about Catholic teaching on life and public service. Civility is Dolan’s hope. 

Indeed, it is noteworthy that civility ought to be a Catholic approach. In a time when civility is lacking in and outside the Church, perhaps this event may be a good example. Who could deny the value of such a method. Perhaps, one may ask, is it time to change the focus of the Al Smith Dinner or do away with it altogether?

Read the Cardinal’s comments on his blog here. (Why it took so long for the Cardinal to make his reasoning public is negligent.)
Nevertheless, I wonder if the Al Smith crowd and the Cardinal with his managers are working overtime to defend a prudential (reasonable?) judgment that’s really too difficult to defend by inviting a pro-choice US President.

Al Smith dinner at 64

Al Smith.jpgLast night the 64th annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation dinner was held at NY’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. It is a fundraising dinner (with the pretty people in attendance). Monies donated at this dinner support a variety of NY charities concerning medical care for the poor, children and under served. The beneficiaries are all very worthy works of charity (mercy).

Admiral Michael Mullen, USN, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was the guest speaker.

This was Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan’s first Smith dinner since beginning his pastoral leadership of the Archdiocese of New York.

Watch the only media coverage of the dinner…

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