Types of Ecumenism

Theological: concerns with regard to matters of doctrine, Liturgy and theology;

Local: promotes the
collaboration and cooperation between Christian communities living in the same

Social: refers to
when the entire community is invited to participate in an activity to help
others; matters of social concern affect everybody;

Spiritual: encourages
praying together as in the Week of Prayer, for the intention of Christian unity and one’s own conversion.


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Cyril Vasil: the new secretary for the Congregation of Eastern Churches

Cyril Vasil.jpeg

Great News! Today, the Holy Father nominated Reverend Father
Cyril Vasil, SJ, until now the rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, as
the Secretary to the Congregation for Eastern Churches, raising him to the
dignity of archbishop.

Archbishop-elect Cyril Vasil was born in 1965 (in Slovakia),
ordained a priest in 1987, entered the Society of Jesus in


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What do we owe others?

The renowned German Lutheran theologian Dietrich
Bonhoeffer once remarked, “it is very easy to over-estimate the importance of
our own achievements in comparison with what we owe others.”

Indeed. Beginning right now let’s take an honest look at ourselves and our work.


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Can Barack Obama Be Converted on Abortion?

Jesuit Father Edward Oakes has a brilliant essay on changing President Obama’s mind on abortion.

You need to read the essay.


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