The Black Nobility and the Pope

Principe.jpgBet you didn’t know the Church had black nobility. Do you know the difference between the white and the black nobility? Not many good Catholics can anymore. AND certainly not many on this side of the pond. For most Americans the idea of nobility is foolish. Especially given our history of rejecting the monarchy. American interest in things monarchical is kept to a quiet interest in Britain’s queen and perhaps to one or two


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Not Squandering illness: Terminally ill priest meets with Pope, offers sufferings for the Church

Father Luigi Squarcia.jpg

The Catholic News Agency ran this brief article yesterday (11/19/2009).
It captured my mind and heart, like it did for others, because I know two
people with Lou Gehrig’s disease (and one is also a priest) and another priest
who’s living with MS. The courage, love and patience these men have witnessed
is incredible. At least I think so.


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Saint Agnes of Assisi

St Agnes of Assisi.jpg

God, our Father, You made Saint Agnes an example of seraphic perfection for many virgins. Grant that we may imitate her virtues on earth and with her possess eternal joys.

Considered a co-foundress of the Poor Clares with Saint Clare, Saint Agnes of Assisi died three months after Clare. And like Clare, Saint Agnes was an abbess but of a group of former Benedictine nuns. On some


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Parents celebrate 43 years of Marriage

Mom & Dad SJS Oct 25 2009.jpg
Today is the 43rd wedding anniversary of my parents, Edward & Lynda.
God grant them many years!


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Blessed James Benefatti

God, you established Blessed James as a model for your flock and made him
renowned for his zeal for peace and for his mercy towards your people. By his
prayers and example may we be united in the truth of your word and ever ardent
in your divine love.


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Saint Mechtild (of Magdeburg)

Mechthild von Helfta.jpg

“Then shall I leap into love”

I cannot dance, Lord, unless you
lead me.

If you want me to leap with abandon,

You must intone the song.

Then I
shall leap into love, From love into knowledge,

From knowledge into enjoyment,

And from enjoyment beyond all
human sensations.

There I want to remain, yet want also to


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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]
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