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Saint Hilary Poitiers

St Hilary of Poitiers icon.jpg

Grant, we pray, almighty God, that we may rightly
understand and truthfully profess the divinity of your Son, which the Bishop
Saint Hilary taught with such constancy.

Saint Theodosius the Great

Saint Theodosius the Great.jpgPlanted in the courts of your Lord, you blossomed
beautifully with virtue, and increased your children in the desert, showering them
with streams of your tears, O chief shepherd of the divine flock of God. Therefore,
we cry to you: “Rejoice, Father Theodosius.”
Kondakion – Tone 8

From the hagiography:

Theodosius the Great lived during the fifth-sixth centuries, and was the
founder of cenobitic monasticism. At the monastery St Theodosius built a home
for taking in strangers, separate infirmaries for monks and laymen, and also a
shelter for the dying
. Seeing that people from various lands gathered at the
Lavra, the saint arranged for services in the various languages: Greek,
Georgian and Armenian. All gathered to receive the Holy Mysteries in the large
church, where divine services were chanted in Greek.

St Theodosius accomplished
many healings and other miracles during his life, coming to the aid of the
. Through his prayers he once destroyed the locusts devastating the fields
in Palestine. Also by his intercession, soldiers were saved from death, and he
also saved those perishing in shipwrecks and those lost in the desert. Once,
the saint gave orders to strike the semandron (a piece of wood hit with a
mallet), so that the brethren would gather at prayer. He told them, “The
wrath of God draws near the East.” After several days it became known that
a strong earthquake had destroyed the city of Antioch at the very hour when the
saint had summoned the brethren to prayer.

Before his death, St Theodosius
summoned to him three beloved bishops and revealed to them that he would soon
depart to the Lord. After three days, he died at the age of 105. The saint’s
body was buried with reverence in the cave in which he lived at the beginning
of his ascetic deeds.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

St Gregory of Nyssa4.jpg

Watchful with the eyes of thy soul

and a vigilant
shepherd for the world,
with wisdom and thy fervent intercession thou didst drive
off heretics like wolves,/keeping thy flock unharmed.

Kondakion – Tone 1

Saint André Bessette

St Andre official portrait.jpg

Lord our, friend of the humble, who blessed Your servant, Brother André with a great devotion to Saint Joseph and a real concern for the needy and the afflicted, through his intercession fill our hearts with compassion and lead us in the ways of prayer and love, that we may enter with him into Your glory.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

St Elizabeth Seton3.jpg

But we lack
courage to keep a continual watch over nature, and therefore, year after year,
with our thousand graces, multiplied resolutions, and fair promises, we run
around in a circle of misery and imperfections. After a long time in the
service of God, we come nearly to the point from whence we set out, and perhaps
with even less ardor for penance and mortification than when we began our
consecration to him.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Divine Office, Office of

There are very few American women who have had an impact on civil and religious society because today’s saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, with the work of education and hospitals and other institutions of culture that her order, the Sisters of Charity, did for all of us.

Ask Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton to intercede for us right now to help us to make Jesus known through acts of charity and mercy.

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