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Saint Andrew Dung Lac and companions

Martyrs of Vietnam.jpg“Fear not those who kill the body;
Rather those who steal the soul;
On your head, each hair is numbered.
God himself will keep you whole.”

We give thanks for Andrew Dung-Lac,
Faithful priest, and for his friends,
Raised by God to preach and nurture
Vietnam to Christian ends.

When the days of persecution
Overtook the Church, they stood
Firm in faith against oppression,
Boasting in the cross’s good.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Three-in-One, our God and Lord,
From your church, with all your martyrs,
You are worshiped and adored.

J. Michael Thompson
Copyright © 2009, World Library Publications

Saint Clement of Rome, pope

While Saint Clement was praying there appeared unto him the Lamb of God.

St Clement of Rome.jpg
Eternal Shepherd, graciously guard Thy flock, and through blessed Clement, Thy Martyr and Supreme Pontiff, whom Thou didst appoint pastor of the universal Church, keep it under Thy continual protection.

Blessed Frances Siedliska (Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd)

FranciszkaSiedliska.jpgCome bride of Christ, and receive the crown, which the Lord has prepared for you for ever.

O God, You gave Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd the charism to model her life upon the example of the Holy Family of Nazareth; grant us the grace to imitate her and to inspire Christian families with the desire to lead a life worthy of their vocation for Your greater glory and for the extension of Your kingdom on earth.
The vocation of a professed sister of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth (CSFN) is to live the Trinitarian life of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in perfect love. The point of this blog, I might add with enthusiasm. Mother Foundress described the vocation of the sisters as following the hidden life of the Holy Family of Nazareth wherein the love reigned in relationship with God and neighbor. More concretely, Blessed Frances designed this congregation of sisters to live a life of prayer, community living and ministry; the work of the sisters is to witness the life of the Holy Family in the human families of today through the renewal of life known in moral and religious renewal. As a graduate of a CSFN school, I am happy that there is a liturgical memorial to praise God through the intercession of a great Beatus.
I’ve mentioned the sisters before on this blog (and here, too) and recommend the order to young women.

Saint Rose Philippine Duschesne

St Rose Duchesne.jpg

“Go forth to the world and proclaim the Good News!”

Thus sent forth, the Church has, with no time to lose,

Sent missioners brave to the ends of the earth,

That souls thralled in darkness may come to new birth.


With charity filled and heart burning with zeal,

Saint Rose sought to serve God, and sent her appeal,

Which brought her companions who caught her delight

And went to Missouri to spread Jesus’ light.

In hardship and hunger, she forged on with strength;

For girls’ education, she struggled at length.

And then, when her work and her harvest was nigh,

She turned to the missions for natives nearby.

O praise God the Father, O praise God the Son,

And praise God the Spirit, the great Three-in-One.

We ask through Saint Rose for strong faith, hope, and love,

As we praise the One who is reigning above.

J. Michael Thompson

Copyright © 2009 World Library Publications
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La Vierge Chant, St Denio Foundation

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini: the 1st American citizen canonized a saint

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini.jpg

God our Father, You called Frances Xavier Cabrini from Italy to serve the immigrants of America. By her example teach us concern for the stranger, the sick, and the frustrated. By her prayers help us to see Christ in all the men and women we meet.

Though born in Lombardy, Mother Cabrini immigrated to the USA with the permission of Pope Leo XIII. She founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart to care for the poor children in schools and hospitals, especially the Italian immigrants. Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini is the patroness of immigrants. The Mass prayer (collect) above is a beautiful expression of how theology meets our human reality. Saint Frances Cabrini is buried* here in NYC…pay a visit to her shrine!

* Saint Frances’ body is here in NYC but a leg bone is in Chicago and her heart and head are in Rome and her home town.

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Paul A. Zalonski is from New Haven, CT. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement, and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Contact Paul at paulzalonski[at]
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