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Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau

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Spirituality. He practiced poverty to a heroic degree. He
never looked to do anything for himself. It was his view that everybody should
have better than he had and that everybody should have the best. He learned a
deep sensitivity in dealing with others. He was a man who understood people.
When he was a young priest, he was supposed to go study theology and he said,
“I don’t know theology, I can’t do this, I am not equipped to do this.” And,
his spiritual director wrote, “Rejoice above all that you see nothing in
yourself to depend on in this new post. That’s a very good beginning, to put
nothing of yourself into it and to await the Lord who will not fail you.”

(Cardinal McCarrick’s address on Blessed Basil Moreau, Stonehill College)

A prayer and other info on Blessed Basil Moreau may be found here.

Saint Hilary of Poitiers

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Saint Hilary worked tirelessly to defend the faith from wrong-thinking Christians, typically called heretics. What follows is Hilary’s teaching on God the Father.

It is the Father from whom everything that exists has been
formed. He is in Christ and through Christ the source of all things. Moreover,
His being is in Himself and He does not derive what He is from anywhere else,
but possesses what He is from Himself and in Himself. He is infinite because He
Himself is not in anything and all things are within Him; He is always outside
of space because He is not restricted; He is always before time because time
comes from Him…. But, God is also present everywhere and is present in His
entirety wherever He is. Thus, He transcends the realm of understanding,
outside of whom nothing exists and of whom eternal being is always
characteristic. This is the true nature of the mystery of God; this is the name
of the impenetrable nature in the Father.

(On the Trinity, Bk. 2, Ch.6; ML 10,
54; FC XXV, 39-40) 

The Liturgical prayer for Saint Hilary may be prayed here.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

St Gregory of Nyssa3.jpgYou have shown forth your watchfulness, and were a
fervent Preacher of godliness: by the wisdom of the teachings you have gladden
the Church’s faithful, Righteous Father Gregory, entreat Christ our God to
grant us his great mercy
(Troparion, tone 3)

God our Father, Saint Gregory, Your bishop, praised You by the splendor of his life and teaching. In your
kindness, as we forget what is past and reach out to what is before us, help us
to attain that vocation to which we are called.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa once said:

A greedy appetite for food is
terminated by satiety and the pleasure of drinking ends when our thirst is
quenched. And so it is with the other things… But the possession of virtue,
once it is solidly achieved, cannot be measured by time nor limited by satiety.
Rather, to those who are its disciples it always appears as something ever new
and fresh.

More on Saint Gregory of Nyssa may be read here.

Saints Philip of Moscow & Herman of Kazan, Saints Theodore Solovetsky & Cornelius Pskovsky

Into Your Hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. For the name of Jesus, and in defense of the Church, I am willing to lay down my life.

Father, we honor the martyrs Philip and Herman, Your bishops and Your monastic priests, Theodore and Cornelius. Through their struggles and by their intercession may we willingly accept any hardship while serving Your beloved people.

Blessed André Bessette

Blessed André Bessette, your devotion to Saint Joseph is an inspiration to us. You gave your life selflessly to bring the message of his life to others. Pray that we may learn from Saint Joseph, and from you, what it is like to care for Jesus and do his work in the world. Amen.

St Andre Bessette.jpg

Pope John Paul II said this of Brother André:

A daily crowd of the sick, the afflicted, the poor of all kinds–those who were handicapped or wounded by life–came to him. They found in his presence a welcome ear, comfort and faith in God. Do not the poor of today have as much need of such love, of such hope, of such education in prayer?

One of Brother André’s friends said of him: “He spent his whole life speaking of others to God, and of God to others.”

More on Blessed –soon to be a saint– André is found here, including the liturgical prayer.

Info on Brother André’s canonization of will be announced here soon.

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