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Saint Nicholas, bishop

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 You have proved yourself to be a holy priest, O Nicholas; You served God in Myra and lived the Gospel of Christ. You offered your life for your people; You rescued the innocent from death, therefore God has glorified you as a trustworthy guide of things divine. 
(St Nicholas Kontakion, Tone 3)
You were revealed to your flock as a measure of faith. You were an image of humility and a teacher of self-control. Because of your humble life, heaven was opened to you, because of your poverty, spiritual riches were granted to you. O holy bishop Nicholas, we cry out to you: Pray to Christ our Go that our souls may be saved.
The Liturgy’s prayer for Saint Nicholas may be found here.
A brief bio on Saint Nicholas is here.

Saint John of Damascus

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Saint John of Damascus spent most of his life in the monastery of Saint Sabas, near Jerusalem, under Muslim rule, indeed, protected by it. Born in Damascus c. 676, John received a classical and theological education, and followed his father in a government position under the Muslims. He resigned after a few years so that he could go to the monastery of Saint Sabas. Saint John is considered the last of the Greek Church Fathers (his writings)

Three points to remember about the Damascene:
1. he is known for his opposition to the iconoclasts, who opposed the veneration of images. Paradoxically, it was the Eastern Christian emperor Leo who forbade the practice, and it was because John lived in Muslim territory that his enemies could not silence him.
2. he is famous for his treatise, Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, a summary of the Greek Fathers. It is said that this book is the Eastern equivalent of Aquinas’ Summa.
3. he is known as a poet, one of the two greatest in the Eastern Church (the other being Romanus the Melodist). His devotion to the Theotokos (the Blessed Virgin Mary) and his sermons on her feasts are well known.

Saint Andrew, Apostle

Crucifixion of St Andrew CBraccesco.jpgTheir sound goes forth to all the earth. And their speech to the end of the world.

We humbly beseech Thy majesty, O Lord, that as blessed Andrew the Apostle was both a preacher and ruler of Thy Church, so he may unceasingly interceded for us with Thee.
Pope Benedict’s General Audience of 14 June 2006 talks about Saint Andrew, the first called.
Today we particularly remember the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Istanbul) on their patronal feast day as well as the Christians of Scotland and the Rus peoples. Read the Pope’s message to Patriarch Bartholomew I.

Saint Andrew Dung Lac and companions

Martyrs of Vietnam.jpg“Fear not those who kill the body;
Rather those who steal the soul;
On your head, each hair is numbered.
God himself will keep you whole.”

We give thanks for Andrew Dung-Lac,
Faithful priest, and for his friends,
Raised by God to preach and nurture
Vietnam to Christian ends.

When the days of persecution
Overtook the Church, they stood
Firm in faith against oppression,
Boasting in the cross’s good.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Three-in-One, our God and Lord,
From your church, with all your martyrs,
You are worshiped and adored.

J. Michael Thompson
Copyright © 2009, World Library Publications

Saint Clement of Rome, pope

While Saint Clement was praying there appeared unto him the Lamb of God.

St Clement of Rome.jpg
Eternal Shepherd, graciously guard Thy flock, and through blessed Clement, Thy Martyr and Supreme Pontiff, whom Thou didst appoint pastor of the universal Church, keep it under Thy continual protection.

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