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Saints Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line and Margaret Ward

We beseech Thee,
O Lord our God, grant us to revere with unceasing devotion the glorious
victories of Thy holy Martyrs Saints Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line and Margaret
Ward; may we at least honor with our lowly homage those whose praises we cannot
sing worthily.

St Margaret Clitherow.jpg

Saint Margaret Middleton was born in York in 1556, lived there all
her life, and died there on 25 March 1586. At 15, she married a butcher, John
Clitherow, and three years later became a Catholic. Imprisoned for her
non-attendance at church, she taught herself to read and later ran a small
school for her own and her neighbours’ children. Her husband remained
Protestant, but allowed her to hide priests in their house. In 1586, the secret
hiding places were discovered, and Margaret was put on trial. She refused to
plead, for which the punishment was being crushed to death.

St Ann Line.jpeg

Saint Anne Heigham was
born at Dunmow (Essex) around 1565, and was hanged at Tyburn on 27 February
1601. In her teens, she became a Catholic and was disinherited, and in 1585
married Roger Line, also a disinherited convert, who was subsequently
imprisoned then exiled for his faith, leaving her destitute. She taught and
embroidered, and also kept house for priests. After a large number of people
had been seen gathering at her house for Mass, she was arrested, tried and
condemned to death.

St Margaret Ward.jpg

Saintt Margaret Ward was born at Congleton (Cheshire), but
entered into the service of a family in London. She was arrested after
assisting a priest escape from prison, but refused under severe torture to
reveal his hiding place or to renounce her faith. She was tried at the Old
Bailey, and executed on this day in 1588. All three are remembered for their
resourcefulness, for their loyalty, for their outstanding courage, and for the
service they rendered the Church during dangerous times in aiding the ministry
of priests.   (Liturgy Office, Bishops of England & Wales)

For more on these 3 English Martyrs see this entry.

In the Diocese of Bridgeport, those who prepare for the major seminary at Saint John Fisher Seminary, Stamford, call to mind the martyrdom of these women saints daily as their statues surround the altar.  May Saints Margaret, Anne and Margaret, pray for us!!!

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Martyrdom St John Baptist ASpinello.jpgBlessed is the man who endures temptation: for when he has been tried, he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him.

We beseech Thee, O Lord, may the holy festival of Saint John the Baptist, Thy Precursor and Martyr, obtain for us help unto salvation.

Saint Augustine of Hippo

St Augustine PPRubens.jpgO blest teacher, light of holy Church, blessed Augustine thou lover of God’s law, plead with the Son of God for us.

O almighty God, hearken to our supplications, and by the intercession of blessed Augustine, Thy Confessor and Bishop, graciously grant the effect of Thy wonted mercy to those who hope in Thy loving-kindness.

St Augustine, whom we are commemorating today, has some
marvellous thoughts about the invitation found in Psalm 105[104]: “Quaerite
faciem eius semper
– constantly seek his face” (v. 3). 

He points out that
this invitation is not only valid for this life but also for eternity. The
discovery of “God’s Face” is never ending. The further we penetrate
into the splendour of divine love, the more beautiful it is to pursue our
, so that “amore crescente inquisitio crescat inventi – the greater
love grows, the further we will seek the One who has been found” (Enarr.
in Ps 105[104]: 3; CCL 40, 1537).

This is the experience to which, deep down,
we too aspire. May the intercession of the great Bishop of Hippo obtain it for
us! May the motherly help of Mary, the Star of Evangelization whom we now
invoke with the prayer of the Angelus, obtain it for us. (Pope Benedict XVI, 28 August 2005, Angelus)

Saint Monica

St Monica BGozzoli.jpgGive unto her of the fruit of her own hands, and let her works praise her in the gates, alleluia.

O God, the comforter of the sorrowful and the salvation of them that hope in Thee, Who had merciful regard to the pious tears of blessed Monica in bringing about the conversion of her son Augustine: grant us by their united intercession to grieve over our sins and obtain Thy merciful pardon.

Saint Bartholomew

St Bartholomew Greco.jpg

Almighty and everlasting God, Who has given us this day a reverent and holy joy in the feast of Thy blessed Apostle Bartholomew, we beseech Thee, grant unto Thy Church ever to love that which he believed and to preach that which he taught.

The historical facts regarding the Apostle Bartholomew
are murky: his real name is unknown, he’s not mentioned in the Fourth Gospel
and only curiously listed in the Synoptics but is closely connected with
Nathaniel and Philip, where he preached the Gospel after the Pentecost is
speculated, the manner of his death is obscure and even his relics are “thought
by some” to be in Rome in a church named for him. But some of the relics are in
Frankfurt and others in Canterbury. Regardless of all this, the Church honors
Bartholomew as an apostle of Jesus Christ who gave his life for the Good
News.We honored him in a liturgical memorial for ages and we continue to do so today asking for his intercession before the Throne of Grace

Today let us offer a prayer for the Church in Armenia and for Francis
Cardinal George, archbishop of Chicago whose titular church in Rome is Saint
Bartholomew on the Island and for tanners.

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